Miraculous healings and families accepting Christ in state of Chhattisgarh

“I would like to share a few more selected reports from the region of Raipur in the state of Chhattisgarh from our second batch of twelve disciples.  Praise God for all his grace upon our ministries.

A six-month-old child was suffering terribly from chicken pox. One night the baby had severe pain, screaming uncontrollably. The parents could not endure the cries, and so called our trained disciple. Our brother went to their home at midnight, and ministered to the child. The baby fell asleep. By morning nearly all the chicken pox had dried up. The family was astonished seeing the miraculous healing. They believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.

In India when people suffer from such a disease they believe that a goddess has come into the person’s body.

A demonized woman was brought to our Elijah Challenge pastor’s house far from her village. The woman was had been demonized for three months and had been doing unusual things. Her family took her to a sorcerer but she continued doing the same things. The family bound her for a few days in the home, and called another sorcerer from other village.  That sorcerer also failed to drive out the demon.

Finally, they brought her to our trained pastor.  Along with a few of our trained disciples he ministered to her, and the demon left. The family accepted Christ. Praise the Lord.”

Report from Elijah Challenge Coordinator on ministry of our Second Batch of Twelve Disciples
May 25, 2018