“How the Lord has been blessed our orphans in various ways!  They are doing very well with their studies and their physical health.

Yesterday there was an annual function at their school where many distinguished dignitaries as well as the district superintendent of the police were present.  Most of the coveted awards were received by our children. 

In academics they won awards for first and third place. In the category for culture/song competition, they won awards for the top three places.  In art the children placed first, second, and third.  




For the opening ceremony the teachers requested Rebika to sing a Hindu devotional song, saying that since all religions are same there is no problem for her to sing. But we told the teachers that we would not allow her to sing the song. We suggested that she sing a patriotic song instead. So they had our children perform a group song.

It was so great to see our children, coming from remote backward villages, excelling in their activities in the public school.

This is the third time a Christian song was sung in a government public school by our children. Five of them performed a very impressive dance.

Thank you very much for making it possible for our children to have a future in this life. They are remembering you and praying for you all.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India
February 2019