Received from Jenny in the Midwest (USA) on June 3, 2015

My husband “Mike” and I have been watching your training on YouTube.  We have watched and studied thru both your Basic and Advanced Trainings.  My husband has been able to minister healing on me!  I have a very long and very complicated illness history.  I have begun ministering to him for his very advanced osteoarthritis!  We have both experienced healing by God!

We have been learning and growing in the Lord so much now that we have seriously decided to follow wherever Jesus leads us in this life.  We see so many in need of healing and can see how wonderfully it was used to draw many to Jesus.  We can plainly see how much the people’s only hope is to be told of the saving power of Jesus and the work he accomplished to redeem us from sin and reconcile man to God.  We hope that we can also minister healing to people and bring them to relationship with Jesus too. And maybe even teach others what you have taught us so that they can also spread this Good News.  That is unique to this ministry!  There are no superstars!  We are just servants that serve our Savior as He commanded us to serve him!

June 6

It was many years ago, probably 3 or 4 years ago that I first heard of The Elijah Challenge on the internet—YouTube to be exact.  Hell’s second best kept secret!  I told my husband who was just coming to think about God and that people were being healed!  For real!  Healed!  He said that would be wonderful if it was true! But he didn’t believe it…then. I told him, what if it is true?  It would change the world as we know it!  Nothing would ever be the same again for us!  Now he is a follower of Jesus.  We are still negotiating our total surrender as we all must come to that place of dying to self and giving up our illusions of control in our daily lives.  God of course is in control of it all and how silly we are and how ferociously we hang on to our plans as if we can produce something worthy without Him!  

June 9

It is late on Tuesday night.  I am not sleeping because I am thinking about tomorrow.  I said something to Mike’s mother about Jesus healing infirmities through Mike, and then tonight Mike told her that he will be over tomorrow to help her.

This is so important to us as you can imagine!  The ones we care for the most in this world we want to go to heaven with us when we are all passed from this life into the everlasting one. Mike’s parents believe in Jesus and God.  They were baptized as teens.  They have gone to the same church their whole lives.  But if it wasn’t for them going to church you wouldn’t know they knew the Lord.  This is a big test.  She doesn’t really believe that Mike can do any good for her.  She is somewhat reluctant and embarrassed to have him try.  

She has crippling arthritis, very severe, almost needing a wheelchair full time. She also has heart problems that make her fatigued when she is out of rhythm.  She is in a lot of pain every day. Mike’s sister and son will also be there along with his dad.  They will all be healed too in Jesus’ name.

This will be our first public healing.  We have never spoken about this to anyone except my mother who is a dedicated believer.  My mother doesn’t know what to think, she believes God can heal if He wants to.  But she doesn’t know about this healing using the Lord’s authority.  It has sent her back to reading her Bible to get answers on it. 

“She has been walking all over the house and outside.  I haven’t seen her sit still yet today.”

June 10

We laid hands on Mike’s mom first thing this morning.  We both did at the same time.  We took turns commanding healing and for the pain to leave from her frozen shoulder, her feet and legs and back.  (We forgot her heart problem.)   After we finished, I said to her, “get up and move!” Mike told her to hang on to her walker but mom said, “I know the Lord will heal me!”  She had already begun thanking God for her healing while we were still exercising authority by issuing commands in Jesus’ name!  

She has been walking all over the house and outside.  I haven’t seen her sit still yet today.  I just overheard her telling Penny her daughter what we had done this morning and she said, “you know, I swear it worked!  I don’t have as much pain!” Penny said, “well, good, whatever works.”  I hope there will be a day soon that Penny will be at the receiving end of healing and it will change her life as it is changing ours!

I feel like I could jump and touch the clouds!  We have stepped out of the boat and followed our Lord Jesus into helping to harvest the souls who are crying out to be redeemed!  We stressed to mom that this is God’s doing.  We are just physical vessels Jesus used to heal her.  All glory and praise must be His.

Upon finishing healing for mom, I had almost immediate shoulder pain.  We had forgotten to forbid the pain to move to other people. Mike got right after it, and just as fast as it came it left again.  No sense in letting it hang around me! 

Praise God!  Mom has not been this active for quite some time.  I would love to see her frozen shoulder restored to full use.  And if God really wanted to bring glory to himself, restore her amputated toe!  Oh ya!  We are out of the boat now!