“Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our precious children. Though our children had a tough time during summer vacation as the heat is very severe, they are all fine. They are having a very good time of fellowship and learning the Bible in Sunday School.

We especially thank God for His supernatural protection on our orphans during these days when many other children are falling ill. There is a child specialist whose office is near our orphanage from where from morning to evening we can see several hundred parents waiting to see him. The two months of July and August are especially very hard on children since most of them get sick during this time. Our District of Kalahandi is moreover known for being a malaria-prone area. But praise the Lord none of our children are sick.

Thanks to all who pray for and support our children.

Their studies are going well. Every evening we have tuition classes for all children from 5:30 pm to 8 pm. On both Saturday and Sunday evenings they have Sunday school, where they practice songs and recite Bible verses. From the age of 10 years and above the children have Bible study.

The children are doing very well in their studies. Most of the time our children get good grades. The children are also growing spiritually. Two of our boys and girls are already able to lead our morning and evening devotions. Praise the Lord for this.

We rented two auto rickshaws to take them to a nearby children’s park for mental and physical refreshment. They had an enjoyable time playing and eating snacks.

We hope they will be witnessing about the Lord to the Hindus very soon. Last month Sebika heard that the husband of one of her teachers was paralyzed and, unable to work, resigned from his government job. She went to her teacher and said, ‘believe in Jesus and give permission to our Pastor Subodh to go your home and to pray over your husband, and he will be healed.’ Her teacher responded saying that she would call us. After a few days she called Rosy to the school and asked about what Sebika had told her. Rosy shared a few things about Jesus and how sick people would receive a healing touch when ministered to in His name. Rosy told her, ‘if you believe, you will see a miracle from Jesus Christ.’ So Sebika’s teacher invited us and we went her home.

Praise the Lord, our Almighty God has begun to use our children. The teacher is now very glad and believes in Jesus Christ. Every day she asks Sebika how to pray and what we should do next, and so forth.


Above: Sebika when she first came to the orphanage ca. 2012-2013

Below: 12-year-old Sebika in 2016


Sebika wins Second Place in area-wide singing competition

Please continue to uphold the children in your prayers so that they may continue to grow in the Lord in the days ahead. Our newest orphan children are also doing well.

Thank you so much for blessing and helping these needy children.”


Subodh & Rosy
August 2016