By Subodh Kumar Jena
January 2015

Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena

“After Pastor Philemon attended The Elijah Challenge Training in our home on December 31 (taught by an Elijah Challenge Board Member from Texas), he began the return trip to his village accompanied by another believer. They needed to take a bus for a few hours followed by a few more hours on a motorbike. Finally they would need to walk four more hours to reach his area. But after a few minutes on the motorbike, the headlight went out. They were very confused as to what they could do in the middle of the night. They called me over the phone for prayer. They believed that it was the work of the devil, so they exercised the authority which they had been taught earlier in our home. They spoke to the lamp in the name of Jesus Christ with mountain-moving faith (according to Mark 11:23). Miraculously the light on the bike came back on, and with no further problem they reached their destination. They were very much encouraged seeing this.

The second miracle which led to a Hindu family accepting Jesus Christ

There was a Hindu man whose mind was not working properly for months. He had been taken to many places for treatment as well to a witchdoctor. Because of the expenses they were forced to sell some of their land. The doctor was unable to cure him. The witchdoctor kept reassuring them that he would be alright, so they waited for a long time for him to improve.

Finally they called Pastor Philemon and shared with him what had happened. By the grace of God Philemon ministered to the man for a week, and he recovered completely. The family accepted Jesus Christ.”