“In spite of severe heat,  we had a very fruitful Elijah Challenge Training  Event in a village area where most of the servants of God are not able to go to the city or  to have an opportunity to be trained. They said that it was a ministry-changing training for them to reach the Hindus with the gospel.

A few reports of miraculous healing…

A senior pastor named Salman (below) was suffering from back and leg pain for a long time. He had serious difficulty walking and ministering.  Our Lord Jesus healed him from both of the pains as other servants of God being trained ministered to him.




A sister named Nabita was suffering from back pain causing difficulty with her work at home. But as our servants of God ministered to her during the training, she was healed instantly.



An evangelist named Jibit (below) had pain in his shoulder making riding his bike and heavy work difficult. Though he had x-rays taken and took medication prescribed by a doctor, his condition did not improve. But he was healed after a servant of God attending the training ministered to him. 




Another evangelist named Paul had suffered from both shoulder and chest pain. He testified that he felt a lot of pain in his chest when he coughed. He did not feel well during the training, but was not only much encouraged with the teaching, but also experienced miraculous healing in his body as well.



Thank you so much for your intercessory prayer and support.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa
Spring 2018