“A few of our new workers used to serve with other ministries in different areas, and have since joined with us. They testified that in Orissa they had never seen this type of ministry. Praise the Lord!

Report from our 2nd batch of 12 trained disciples

On his way to his ministry field, one of our disciples saw a man with a horribly swollen neck, He stopped and asked him what had happened to his neck. He replied that he had cancer. Then he shared all the things that happened in his life and his family. Despite the poverty in which they lived, the family had spent over 300,000 rupees for treatment, but to no avail. His neck was swollen like a balloon.  

Our worker asked if he could visit him at his home where he would pray over him for healing and also share the gospel with him. The man agreed. The next day in the evening two of our trained workers went to his home where they ministered to him for over an hour. They said that they would come back the following day. But when they were about to leave, the cancerous tumor on his neck burst before their eyes like a balloon. The family members were amazed. He was completely healed. The entire family came to Christ.

Report from 3rd batch of 12 trained disciples

A 10-year-old girl had suffered catastrophic kidney failure. Since her doctor had given up all hope for her, he was reluctant to come see her since she could not possibly survive. Her eyesight had already been affected and she had gone blind.

But nothing is impossible for the Living God. Our trained disciple went to the home of the girl and asked for an opportunity to minister to her in the name of Jesus Christ. Like Elijah at Mt. Carmel, he issued a challenge. Within a week the girl was completely healed and was back to normal. After this most of the people in the village came to believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

A man had been bitten by a poisonous snake while working in the field. The poison had spread through his body. His family wanted to take him to the hospital. As they were preparing for the trip, his wife ran to summon our trained worker. She told him that her husband was dying. Without knowing what had happened the disciple and his wife ran to the field where the man was lying unconscious. Everyone there thought that he had already died and that it wasn’t necessary to take him all the way to the hospital. But our worker just commanded him to wake up in Jesus’ name. He came to his senses and said that he didn’t feel anything except for where he had been bitten by the snake. Because of this miracle the entire family came to Christ. Jesus had given his life back to him.

 Brother Sameer is one of our trained disciples. One day one of his nieces was attacked by a demon spirit. But because his relatives were Hindus they didn’t want Sameer to pray over her. At midnight, however, the girl was attacked by severe pain in her stomach and screamed in agony. This so alarmed a family member that he immediately called Sameer to come minister to her. At midnight he went to their home and rebuked the spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. His niece was miraculously healed and delivered from the demon spirit. 

Report from other Elijah Challenge servants of God

A girl possessed by a demon spirit had been locked up in a room by her family. When they dressed her she would rip up her clothes. When our trained workers heard about her condition, they went and ministered to her in Jesus’ name. As they rebuked the spirit the girl fell and began rolling on the ground. Praise the Lord she was delivered from the demon spirit.

An older woman had been attacked by a demon spirit. Even though she and her family were Hindus they called out to our worker for help. When he arrived, he found the woman’s husband also being attacked by the spirit. As he rebuked the unclean spirit boldly with authority, both husband and wife began to laugh and to him, “who are you coming here to send us out? We will not leave this place.” But over several minutes our trained worker continued to rebuke the spirit with the Lord’s authority. The spirit finally left both the husband and his wife. They both wept, and threw away all the Hindu photos that they had in the house, and accepted the Christ.

A man named Dravid was possessed by a demon spirit and suffered nearly continuous burning pain in his leg. He would roll on the ground whenever the pain seized him. Sometimes he would lose consciousness with one of his legs shaking. Praise God that Jesus touched him and he was completely healed. His family accepted the Christ.

One man suffered from a serious disease which rendered him unable to walk and to work. For two years he had been bedridden. Our brother in Christ went and ministered to him. Within seven days he got up and was completely healed.”

Other powerful reports from the field

“In one of our mission fields a Hindu man was persecuting our worker. He constantly opposed the servant of God entering his village to share the gospel. Three months back a family in the village came to Christ. After that the Hindu man again began to persecute the worker. A few weeks ago the Hindu man was possessed by a demon spirit and went mad and unable to speak. His wife called our worker so sad at what had happened to her husband. Knowing what her husband had done to the servant of the Lord Jesus, she asked for forgiveness. Our brother went there and ministered to him for over three days. After that the Hindu man’s condition changed completely. He was delivered and set free from the demon. The family accepted Jesus Christ. 

A man had a severe skin infection which caused extreme suffering. It began with itching and then it started to burn. Eventually it spread to his entire body. He went to a doctor and was told that it was because of the drinking water in his village. But since there was but a single well for the entire village, there was no hope for this poor man with very limited means. The man went to our worker’s house for ministry. After a few days the itching and burning ceased. The Lord had healed him.

In one particular village a couple had had no children even after five years of marriage. Our brothers who had been ministering miraculous healing from door to door and sharing the gospel visited a certain elderly woman. She told them that her son and daughter–in-law were unable to have children. She asked them to go pray for them in hopes that their God might listen to their prayers and give the family a reason to be happy. Our brothers went and ministered to them over and over continually. Now the woman has conceived. Praise the Lord for His marvelous works through our Elijah Challenge disciples.

A ten-year-old girl went mad after a witchdoctor placed a curse on her. For twenty-one days she would not eat, but was tied up with rope in a room. Three of our Elijah Challenge disciples went to her home and ministered to her. When they began rebuking the spirit in the girl she began shouting and rolling on the ground. After a few minutes she went quiet, and asked the Lord’s servants, “why did you come here, who called you?” Once again with the Lord’s great authority our brothers rebuked the spirit and commanded it to come out of her. She then fell unconscious. Praise God at that very moment she was set free from the demon. That evening she started to take food for the first time in twenty-one days.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa/Odisha
July 2018

Training disciples in India today as Jesus trained his Twelve disciples to fulfill the Great Commission