“Greetings to you in Jesus’ precious name. Our God is awesome. We experienced great things in our last Feeding Event. Not only were the sick miraculously healed, we experienced a miracle out of the Old Testament.

Recently while the temperature in Orissa and all over India had risen to about 44 to 45 C., we fed about 165 people at a Feeding Event held in a village. Because of the extreme heat this time of the year, we normally prefer to hold our Feeding Events in the evening, but there it was not possible so we were forced to do it during the day. We knew that the heat would be unbearable—especially inside the tent.

So we prayed to the Lord. To our surprise we saw a cloud form over the entire village. Because of the cloud we were able to hold our Feeding Event under the tent. The Lord sent a welcome wind over us, even bringing down one of the tents!

After the Event, the sun re-emerged. The villagers were astonished.  

We are very grateful to our faithful and Holy God for the marvellous things He is doing in our midst. Thank you so much for your prayers and support.



Here are some testimonies for you:

A woman named Nirupama was partially blind for two years. She was not able to see or read. Despite a lot of treatment by her doctors there was no improvement. Our gracious Lord healed her at the Feeding Event as she experienced His miraculous touch. We placed in her hands a Bible with very small print. She was able to read it.


Nirupama can read the small print in the Bible!


A woman named Sasi Ranihad (below) a problem in her leg. When walking she would feel pain. For a long time her eyes moreover would water and tear continuously. She was extremely frustrated. Her doctor advised her to seek advanced treatment at the big hospital, but the woman was poor and could not afford it. So at the Event our Almighty God healed her miraculously. She was able to walk about normally. Her eyes cleared up and stopped watering.


Sasi receiving her healing from the Lord


A gentleman named Pita Basa (below) had an infection on his lip. It was constantly painful and dry, and very obvious to everyone that it was badly infected. At the Feeding Event he felt something like electric current go through his lip. The infection then disappeared. (Possibly the woman with the bleeding in Mark 5 felt something similar when she touched Jesus’ garment.)


Pita testifying that the Lord has healed him 


An elderly woman named Sita Devi (below) had been incapacitated due to severe back pain for three years. It was very difficult for her to bear. The pain was so bad she had to hold on to a stick even to take a single step. She had been treated by many doctors (and even by a village sorcerer) but her back did not get any better. But, praise the Lord our God. As she was sitting there with the unbearable pain and crying out for healing, our Lord Jesus touched her. The pain vanished and she was healed.



All the glory to our Holy Lord Jesus. The entire village of over 160 people accepted Him as Lord and Savior. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and support enabling us to reach such villages with the gospel of Christ.”



 Submitted by The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa
April 2017