October 1  Last night we began our Training in this corner of northwest New Jersey. The Lord was again faithful and gracious. After the teaching He demonstrated that indeed He has given authority to the Church to heal the sick and cast out demons to prove to the world that He alone is the true God and that Jesus is the only way to Him. Perhaps the most dramatic testimony from those who were healed last night when we exercised our authority over infirmities was that of a brother who had suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident 22 years ago. Since then for the past 22 years he had experienced pain in his knees and shoulder because of the injuries. Last night the pain completely disappeared when the believers took authority in the name of Jesus Christ.

I have been told that this area of Northwest New Jersey is infested with darkness in the realm of the spirit dating back many, many years. Witchcraft, Buddhism (there is a colony of Asian Tibetan Buddhists here in the mountains), Masonry, and the Ku Klux Klan are some local strongholds. There is an unusual challenge from the kingdom of darkness here. Tomorrow evening in our Evangelistic Healing Outreach we will ask the God of Elijah to send the fire to demonstrate that He alone is the true God.

October 2   The Lord gave us a great victory in our Sunday evening Crusade here. The meeting place was nearly full, and several non-believers were present. I preached the gospel from John 14:6, and then the Lord used the trained believers to heal the sick to prove that our God is the true God and that Jesus is the only way to Him. Those who were healed came forward to testify of what the Lord had done. When I gave the invitation to accept Jesus, several people made public decisions to follow Him. It was a very exciting and dramatic evening for the believers and the body of Christ here. They had never seen anything like it before…miraculous healings proving without a doubt that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Several different local churches were represented in the meeting. This is just the beginning in this community where witchcraft and other demonic forces have thrived.

Report on The Elijah Challenge Seminar & Crusade by Host Pastor Chris Hussey:

“This past conference was such an incredible blessing. There were representatives from about eight churches and the training was clear as well as faith building. Every person who was trained is now empowered with the ability to take authority over demons and disease in the context of evangelism. During the conference many people were healed of various infirmities. People were healed of neck pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, One person who had an accident over 22 years ago and was still dealing with pain was suddenly delivered.

During the evangelistic crusade there were many who had infirmities and there were many who needed Christ. Brother Bill proclaimed the gospel out of John 14 and the gospel was presented in a clear and yet powerful way. Bill demonstrated that Jesus had authority to forgive sins by His authority to heal infirmities. He invited the trained believers to come forward to heal the sick. Many came forward that evening and many were healed. Some who had Lyme disease were healed; others with joint pain, neck and back pain were healed. One woman who had many infirmities who was involved in the occult was not only healed of her infirmities, but trusted Christ as well. There were so many miracles that it was difficult to document them all. But the greatest of all miracles were the seven people who publicly professed the faith in Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. [Editor’s note: According to Pastor Chris, this is about one half of the number of people who normally come to Christ in his church in an entire year.]

The great blessing of this conference is that God is restoring His people with a great confidence that He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and that God has given His church great power to defeat the works of the devil. You could sense the excitement of God’s people in learning and using the authority they have in Christ, and even a greater excitement and awe for God as He demonstrated His miraculous power. I am so grateful for Bill and Lucy for imparting to us the tools necessary to advance God’s kingdom with power and authority.”

Chris Hussey, Senior Pastor
Abundant Life Community Church
Port Murray, New Jersey
October 3, 2005