June 12, 2005

The Elijah Challenge in North America

Our Crusade at New Zion Christian Church marked by unprecedented miraculous healings as trained believers exercise their authority 

“I began by sharing the gospel very clearly and boldly, proclaiming that:

1 there is a God, and 
2 that He is the only true God, and 
3 that there is a heaven and a hell, and 
4 that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven through His atoning death on the cross to bear our sins.

Then we prayed and asked God to provide the proof that these statements were indeed true. The proof would be the miraculous healings performed in the name of Jesus Christ for the many infirm people who had come to the meeting.

After the prayer, I assembled the trained believers at the front. Together we exercised our authority over the diseases and demons in Christ’s name by rebuking them and commanding them to go. Immediately afterwards about twenty people stood up and came to front to testify how the Lord had healed them during the mass healing. A few of the ladies wept as they shared how they were completely set free from their long-standing physical pain and affliction. One testified that she felt the cancer in her body completely gone.


Those who are healed come forward to testify

Healed in the name of Jesus from great pain & discomfort 

Woman at right testifies in Spanish that her body feels free from her cancer

“I’m completely healed!” 

“Thank you, Jesus!” 

“All the pain is gone!”

When I gave the altar call to receive Jesus Christ, a handful of precious souls responded…they had heard the gospel and seen the miracles proving its truth.


The altar call: souls come forward to receive Jesus (front row)

After the meeting, the trained believers ministered to the remaining infirm people one-on-one through the laying on of hands in Jesus’ name, and there were several more public testimonies of miraculous healings. God is restoring His power to His people for the fulfillment of the Great Commission during these end times.


After the meeting trained believers minister to the infirm one-on-one