“I am very glad to share what the Lord is doing in our midst. Our Father in heaven is so gracious to perform mighty works among the Hindus, very similar to the works we read of in the New Testament. Last week we had a very fruitful Feeding Event in a remote village which was notorious for vicious and tormenting attacks by the sorcerers who lived there. The villagers were very frightened by the potent black magic possessed by these witchdoctors.

Usually I arrive for our Feeding Event programme around 10:30 in the morning, but on that day I went around 11:30 am. Everything was well organised by one of our Elijah Challenge Pastors. But when I entered the tent I saw only about twenty people present. I was shocked to the point of feeling humiliated, and I was considering leaving and then coming back later. Then I asked our organiser what was going on.

The pastor informed me that there had been some disturbance in the village the previous night, and so some people were reluctant to come to our Event. Nevertheless, I started the meeting. I took the microphone and began to sing and worship the Lord, waiting for 45 minutes for more people to show up.

The Elijah Challenge in India

Then I gave a very short message and started ministering to the few people present. At this time people had gathered by the roadside staring at us wondering what was going on.  Seeing them, I called out asking if any of them had a physical problem or disease to please come forward for prayer. Again and again I urged them to join us since after a few hours we would be gone and they would miss this opportunity to be healed. One by one they approached our tent and joined us.

This is what the Lord did in their midst:

One elderly woman named Rama Devi (below) came forward with a stomach problem. It was hard and swollen. Praise the Lord, when I ministered to her she was instantly healed as the swelling and hardness vanished.



One after another the villagers entered the tent and the tent was eventually filled with people. It turned out that because of demonic attacks the women especially had suffered severely due to powerful witchcraft. When I started ministering to them, I could see the demons coming out of them as they started shouting, crying, and falling to the ground around me.”

N.B. This is in accordance with what took place in the gospels:

Luke 9:42  Even while the boy was coming, the demon threw him to the ground in a convulsion. But Jesus rebuked the impure spirit, healed the boy and gave him back to his father.


Demons throw women down before being driven out in Jesus’ name


“One severely demonized woman was glaring at me with anger. After the demon left her I removed the Tabiz, a fetish from a sorcerer which had been secured around her neck and wrist.



Most of the women were suffering from similar diseases, very likely sent by sorcerers trying to extort money from innocent people—a common practice among such practitioners. When I ministered to a young girl named Bindu who had a demon spirit she fell to the ground (below), and the demon came out of her. But for some reason she was not able to get up. When we asked her what had happened, she mentioned the name of an Indian devi goddess named Kali who was sitting on top of her so that she couldn’t get up. And it did not want to leave. But after few minutes Bindu was completely set free and was able to get up.



A man named Sukh Dev shown below was blind in one eye for a long time. He had gone to several places for treatment costing him a lot of money. He had taken various medications, but nothing happened.  The Lord touched him and his sight in the blind eye was miraculously restored. We tested his sight, and he could see clearly through the eye. Praise the Lord for such amazing miracle.



A woman named Dukhi was unable to raise her right hand. The Lord touched her marvelously, and she was able to raise her hand without any difficulty. The pain was completely gone, and she could raise her hand.



A woman named Kamala (below) suffered from constant pain and burning in her entire body. She believed it to be the work of a sorcerer since her family had had a dispute with a neighbour. Although she had consulted with a doctor who performed a scan and treated her, no physical problem was evident. At the Feeding Event she felt the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ in her body, and she was instantly healed from the pain and burning.



Lalitha (below) had a knee problem because of which she couldn’t walk properly. She wasn’t able to step or place one leg on the ground normally while walking.  Our Lord Jesus graciously healed her and she was able to walk normally in front of everyone.



An elderly woman named Durgi had suffered terribly from back pain for seven years. Instead of a brace, she would ‘wear’ medication prescribed by a sorcerer. But she was never healed. Wonderfully our Lord healed her at the Feeding Event.  

Approaching storm rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ

Another great miracle took place while I was ministering. A black cloud suddenly appeared in the sky overhead, and a strong wind began to blow all around us. All the people were watching as our tent started to shake. I told the people: “See, the wind is blowing and it will probably rain.” I asked how many of them would like to see the wind disappear. The people were all watching closely. 

I rebuked the wind and rain in the name of Jesus Christ, commanding it to leave. Thank God within a few minutes the wind stopped blowing and the area was bathed in glorious sunshine.  The people were amazed at our Event to see miraculous physical healings, demons cast out, and even an approaching storm subdued in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.”  (A similar event involving weather is recorded in Matthew 8:23-26.)


Approaching storm rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ


The Kingdom of God has come

“At the end of the Event I preached the gospel again. The people were excited to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and to know more about Him. The villagers shared with us that they had been completely delivered from the demons and witchcraft which had tormented them for such a long time.



Thank you so much for praying and for your support enabling us to reach such dark and witchcraft-infested Hindu areas with the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”


Feeding the villagers afterwards


The ministry of an Elijah Challenge Coordinator