“I  would like to share a miraculous healing reminiscent of the one recorded in Matthew 17 where the disciples failed to heal the boy with severe epilepsy, and were then severely rebuked by the Lord Jesus.

A few days back, an 18-year-old Hindu orphan girl named Khiti was brought to our home by her Uncle Krishna and Aunt. She had been suffering from epilepsy for four years. She would fall down unconscious here and there. Her relatives spent much money to treat her. They took her to various doctors and hospitals and tried all kinds of medications. But nothing worked.

They heard about us, and brought Khiti to our home. We were very concerned for her after hearing about her epilepsy. Not only she had neither father nor mother, but her Uncle Krishna who brought her survives on his wages as daily labourer.

We ministered to her in the powerful name of Jesus. We comforted them reassuring them that the attacks will cease when we believe in Jesus Christ. And we asked them to come back on Friday.

On Friday they came back during our fasting prayer. Praise the Lord they testified that after leaving us Khiti was fine and had no more epileptic seizures. She is healed in the name of the Lord. 

Praise the Lord He is so good to us.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa
February 2018


Khiti and her Uncle Krishna and Aunt