Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June 2006

The Elijah Challenge in Malaysia

The Senior Pastor of New Life is Jeremiah Yap and the Associate Pastor is Ron Hee.

The Equipping Seminar – 
June 22

We held two equipping sessions mostly for the believers of New Life Restoration Centre. The great majority of them are ethnic Chinese. At the end of each session we did the demonstration of healing. The Lord was gracious to do several miraculous healings as the believers laid hands on the infirm. The very first involved a man who suffered from pain in his arm and shoulder because of an accident twenty years ago. He could not lift his arm beyond his shoulder. After hands were laid on him, the pain was no more and he could lift his arm freely. See the photo below.


Later more healings took place. Among them was a dear English gentleman named Kevin who suffered from hearing loss in both ears. The Lord opened his ears and he testified that he could hear “ten times better.” Kevin is show below testifying.



All these miracles that occurred during the session proved that the Lord has given to his disciples power and authority over disease and demons, and that if we dare to exercise this authority with mountain-moving faith, we will be able to do the works that He did. This is in accordance with John 14:12—the one who believes in Jesus will do the works that He did. It is all for the purpose of proclaiming the Kingdom of God to the lost.


The Evangelistic Healing Rally



June 24

This evening evangelistic healing rally was for the Chinese-speaking congregation, and many people testified of being healed of physical infirmities as the trained believers laid hands on them and exercised their authority over disease and demons. Included in the testimonies were restoration of sight and hearing. The believers rejoiced at the glory of God that was manifest in the meeting. It is wonderful to see people who love the Lord being used in such a way. They are thrilled to see the word of God fulfilled through them. 


Trained believers ready for war: healing the sick

Laying hands on the sick…

…as commanded by Jesus to His disciples…

…as the gospel of the Kingdom…

…is proclaimed to the lost

The sick are healed and come up to testify

Her hearing is restored

Many more testify below…

…of being healed in the name of Jesus…

…as proof that…

…Christ is the only way to the Father









Precious souls came to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior that evening after hearing the gospel and experiencing God’s healing grace as proof of the absolute truth of the gospel. We are assured that the saints of New Life Christian Centre will continue to proclaim the Kingdom of God to the lost and to heal the sick as they have been equipped. May every church in Malaysia be equipped in this way to fulfill the Great Commission in this Mus__m nation. The annual forty days of prayer and fasting in Malaysia should be followed by an intense offensive against the enemy: the Kingdom of Heaven boldly proclaimed to the lost; the sick healed; demons cast out in Christ’s name. Prayer and fasting by themselves will never fulfill the Great Commission. They must be followed bywar on earth through the preaching of the gospel with manifest power. Only this will result in a mass movement of the lost to Christ and the discipling of Malaysia.