After training with The Elijah Challenge, Minnesota-based Iraq veteran Lucas went to India in 2017 where he held a stadium event in the state of Bihar. The extraordinary report on this event is at Bihar, INDIA – Even political leaders on the TV news gave glory to God: “this will reach millions”. A year later in December 2018, Lucas shared with us the following.
“I wanted to share a quick testimony that was a result from the event I held in Bihar, India about a year ago.
Brother “Amit” (pictures below) attended the event as an unbeliever and a notorious alcoholic in his village with a bad back problem. He had an accident in 2007 and couldn’t bend down anymore. He was healed at the meeting when I commanded the crowd to be healed [at a distance]. He even came up on stage to testify. The local news channel actually had him on tape testifying about it. He then accepted Jesus to be his Lord and Savior at that meeting. Down at the bottom are two YouTube videos from the crusade shown on Indian TV.

Fast forward about a year in the future, “Amit” has established and is leading four house churches of about 100 people. We are going to add him to the leadership team that I have preaching the gospel and planting house churches, maybe next month.”
“Also, I have 4 people planting house churches and preaching the gospel since October. They have each established one since they have been working. A lot of people have been healed and saved as a result of supporting them as well. I am getting great reports back almost daily. This has been a really fruitful ministry. We are still getting calls everyday of people getting healed and saved from the TV ministry as well. I have been getting people to share their testimonies on the show. “