New Beginnings Church

Outside beautiful Calgary in the winter

This was our first trip to Calgary, and as it is sometimes when we make an initial visit to a new area, it was a time of planting seed. Most of those who attended the Training were leaders of New Beginnings Church, pastored by Allan and Brenda Pole. A group of a half-dozen disciples traveled from Lethbridge, over two hours away to the south, to attend the Training. There was also a disciple named Carl who came from the state of Montana across the border in the United States.

Miraculous healings

The Lord gave us grace and wisdom to teach the disciples, and confirmed the teaching in various ways during the Training. On Friday Sister Nora, a leader who suffered from a condition that caused pain from her hand to her shoulder, was instantly set free as two sisters laid hands on her. On Saturday, a woman who had a heart condition who was not at the training reported that she felt fine after Rose ministered to her at a distance from the Training venue. On Sunday she still felt fine.

An elderly believer not at the Training who had a heart condition and hearing loss in one ear reported that he was able to climb stairs without getting breathless and could hear well with the ear after receiving ministry at-a-distance the Saturday afternoon session. Brother Carl from Montana had hearing loss in a certain frequency range, but after two brothers ministered to him on Saturday, he said that he could hear in that range.

On Sunday there was present a middle-aged sister named Ann who had a long-term sinus condition since she was a young girl. As a result she suffered from constant congestion and discomfort in her head, and also had back pain. When Brenda laid hands on her, Ann felt God’s healing power come upon her. Later she testified excitedly that her head had completely cleared up—for the first time since she was a young girl—and her back pain was gone.

The upshot

The disciples were built up by the Training and in obedience to the Lord’s command will be putting it into action in Calgary. Years ago Brother Allan received a prophetic word that God would be using him in healing. We believe it will now come to pass. Allan and his leaders Hank and Nora will be in Caingin, Philippines next year on a mission trip. We are confident that they will witness mighty miraculous healings and reap a harvest of souls on that trip, and even conduct the Basic Training for the Filipino churches.