“Praise the Lord for His great and mighty work in His harvest field. We had a powerful Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in a labour colony in Raipur. The government had provided a building to house the homeless in this area where people from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds live. Through our Elijah Challenge Pastor, Sonu Bihari, we conducted a very fruitful Feeding Event in a community development hall. After the preaching of the gospel, we began ministering to the sick. People did not leave until 11 pm late in the evening. Over two hundred people accepted Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior. It was marvelous. Praise the Lord.


A few selected reports

A disabled woman named Salini Tandi (below) was completely mute. Another woman had brought Salini to the event. I put my hand on her mouth and commanded her to be healed in the mighty name of Jesus. Within a moment something happened in her body. Completely on her own she began to utter words. Then she was able to repeat words after me. People were astonished to witness this because they all knew that from childhood she had been mute. Her fingers moreover had been immobile, but for the first time she was able to move her fingers and raise her hand. She was around 40 years old. Praise the Lord.




A woman named Saria (below) had a stone in her stomach. After an operation to remove the stone, another stone formed in her stomach. The authorities were planning to have her undergo treatment to dissolve the second stone. She had undergone an MRI and another scan. But because of that she had been unable to conceive. After we ministered to her, the stone disappeared as well as the accompanying pain. (I have ministered fruitfully to many couples who had been unable to bear children even after 4, 5, or even after 6 years of marriage.)



An elderly woman named Laxmi (below) had had a stroke. Her left leg was paralyzed rendering her unable to walk. After some long-term treatment she was able to walk only short distances. However, the pain persisted. Her doctor told her to exercise every morning and evening. Wonderfully, at our Feeding Event she was healed by our Lord Jesus Christ. After testing herself thoroughly, she testified that our Lord Jesus had healed her.  



A woman named Saila had had a problem in her uterus for three months. She had been treated by a gynecologist, but the pain and swelling persisted. At our Feeding Event, she experienced the Lord’s healing power (like a wave of electric current) in her body. She felt heat in her body. Afterwards the pain and swelling were gone.   



A woman named Madhabi had suffered from an infection in her throat for seven months while experiencing severe pain there. Because of that she was not able to do any housework resulting in quarreling at home with her dear husband who had been suffering from depression and a penchant for alcohol—this despite the love they had for one another. Praise the Lord that at the Event both Madhabi and her husband were touched by the power of God. She felt the Lord’s healing touch in her throat. And her husband vowed that he would not drink anymore. Both accepted Jesus Christ.



Thank you so much for your intercessory prayers and support to enable us to reach the unreached with the power of the gospel of Christ.”





Submitted by The Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa, India
August 2017