Seminar for Muslim-Born Believers

April 1 to 3, 2024 was maybe the most dynamic and possibly most dangerous seminar to date as we had five Muslim-born believers (“MBBs”) come for The Elijah Challenge training. What stood out was the integrity, not just to be early, but their willingness to learn more about how Isa al Masih (Jesus Christ in the Arabic language) can heal the sick and caste out demons! I am surprised at how much witchcraft and cursing goes on in Islam, the “Religion of Peace”. The Muslim folks fasted through the seminar as this is Ramadan. All seminar attendees are national front-line workers with one brother from Australia and one sister from America, both field workers.

I did not take any photos of the demonstration time for everyone’s safety. I report that the healings were as good as I have experienced in a seminar. Commands were done both in the name of Isa al Masih and Jesus!

  • A Muslim lady came while she was passing a kidney stone. She said her pain was as bad as giving birth. She was completely pain free after the demonstration time!
  • Another Muslim lady reported that her eyesight was restored as she could not see the power point from the back of the “hall”!
  • A man’s left eye was almost totally blurred and could not see out of it. Totally healed!
  • A lady had suffered from acid reflux, daily, for many months. The pain that accompanied it and gas was gone. She and her husband were our guests for five days and the problem has not returned!

I am always so curious about how the Muslim folks become followers of Isa. I asked that each one share their testimony. Almost all shared that their life was a mess and they had become followers as they witnessed the change in character of one of their friends or relatives that had become a follower. The most dramatic story was of a lady whose husband had beaten her everyday of their marriage for years. Her husband was led to Isa by a field worker. The wife wanted nothing to do with the Gospel.  After some time, she recognized that her husband was no longer beating her and had become tender. She still wanted nothing to do with the Gospel, often hiding from the worker when they came to talk with her husband. After six months she has realized that her husband was truly a new believer and gave her life over to Isa al Masih!

After the seminar ALL the Muslim folks had expressed their gratitude for the training as they realized how witchcraft and demons can now be dealt with to prove that Isa al Masih is the only way to the Father!

Jesus has not sent us out to fail!!

– “Jaime Alonso” trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2008