Reports from the ministry of Debi Frey

February 2013

Last week, over the phone, our friend from Covington, LA, whom you know, Carter Featherston, called me from a visit with his dear Christian friends located in Fredricksburg, TX.  His host at the home he was staying at had a badly hurting knee.  

Carter asked me to join him over the phone to pray for healing for Tim’s knee, a gentleman in his 50s.

I asked this man over the phone how long his knee was bothering him.  He said “about 2 weeks”, growing worse each day.   He said he could not remember what he did to hurt it so badly.  He was ready to go to a doctor to get some relief, but when Carter came to visit them, he explained the teaching we both received from you when you visited our town about 3 years ago.

With Carter on the speaker phone at their home with this man and his wife, I gave them my testimony to build their faith.  In detail, I explained how God used my husband to invoke our authority as believers in the Lord Jesus Christ by commanding healing and restoration in my left hip joint.   Prior to this healing, I suffered greatly with my left hip for over 9 months. I would not get a good night’s sleep during those months because the pain would wake me up many times during the night.  I was miserable. Doctors could not provide much relief, no lasting relief.  When my husband and I attended your training, he took authority over my hip pain and it has been gone ever since!  Praise God!

After building their faith with my testimony, and letting them know that was the very purpose for my hip story,  I asked him which knee it was. “Right knee”, was the reply.  

Then, I asked him how bad the pain was on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being unbearable.  The gentleman indicated it was about an 8 at that moment.

So, I asked Carter to command with me.  Over the phone, as I led, we commanded the pain to go, never to return!  We commanded the knee tissue, cartilage, tendons, blood flow to be restored; but...not restored like before the pain came, but restored like God meant it to be before the fall in the garden of eden!   We no longer live under the curse of that fall.  We commanded healing in the Name of Jesus the Christ of Nazareth! 

I asked Tim to move his knee around and let me know what the level of pain was at that moment.  He was quite delighted in his reply when he said, “it’s about a 5 now”.  So, I told them we would continue commanding until we had full success.  I remembered your story about how it takes a few times, just like training a puppy.  Keep at it until it obeys.

We repeated what we commanded earlier.  Carter, who was with them, was reinforcing what I was commanding.

Again, I inquired what his pain level was in that knee.  He was even happier at this point and said, “I am moving it around and now it’s about a 2! Wow!”  I could hear his wife in the background praising God.

I explained that they had this same authority from their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and that they could do what they heard me do over the phone with them to complete the healing.   I asked them not to settle for anything less.  They assured me that they would continue the work after I left the phone call.