“I wanted to share with you what happened on my trip to India last November 2016. It was a month of adventure and learning and great miracles from the LORD!

We started out in Delhi and traveled to several locations throughout Southern India including Sirripakam and Chhattisgarh. This trip was definitely interesting in that I saw many demonic cases I had never seen before. From the get go in Delhi we had people manifesting during the meetings where we actually had to stop for a few moments and take care of it. Later in Chhattisgarh we dealt with a young woman who was severely possessed…
Every place we went people were miraculously healed with not much effort and quickly. One such case was a little girl who had weeping eyes. She had had it for over a year. Her parents spent much to have her cured from doctors but her eyes would not heal and would not stop weeping. I was invited to school where the children performed a beautiful dance for me. She was one of the dancers. I read from a children’s book on heaven to them and afterward the little girl came up. I thought she was moved from the story, at the time I didn’t know she had weeping eyes. So I took her hand and told her to be healed in Jesus name. By the time I got back to the states I received an email. It turns out that her eyes stopped weeping immediately that day and she is well and happy with her family.
Many were healed from pains in their bodies, even eyes were cleared to see better and  many were healed from traumas.One little girl in Sirripakam I remember specially. She was very frail and much younger than she looked. She was actually 19. She couldn’t have weighed much more than 30 lbs. Immediately, the Lord touched her and she cried out in joy. She was special in the eyes of the Lord and I will never forget her and hope to see her again too.
Most of the people that came to my meetings were Hindus. Of them twenty or so would be pastors but the rest were Hindus. Almost all gave their hearts to the Lord. I am glad that I began each message with the Gospel and laid it out in depth to them before the trainings. Even though many manifested during this time because of it so many people could witness the power of God in front of their eyes whether they needed healing or not. Another interesting part of this trip were the children. I simplified the training and the children were up healing people and you should have seen the look on their faces. My goal was to witness Christ’s love to them and that they could do the same things if they would believe. I didn’t want their focus to be on me so many times I had to step away and make the trainees do it. Once they saw the miracles for themselves then they fully realized this was for them too and the Lord was with them.
What a joy the children were…here they are after only 20 minutes of training and people were being healed.
The school in Chhattisgarh
What a learning experience. I wish I could tell you more but it would take too long. I can’t thank you enough for all the training and time spent with you that has helped me so much. I always go back to it and am so grateful I had those opportunities with you.”
-Shelly Ragen founded the ministry Shiloh Harvest after training with The Elijah Challenge