September 2013
Gold Coast, Australia
Report on Lucille’s two-day training event in Gold Coast, written by our co-laborer Don Parbery:
“The training was action packed and reasonably intense. The group was small but very interested in the subject matter. The message was not a common one. Taking our God given authority to command enemies (demons, disease and sickness) to depart and never come back is not usually practiced here. At least, not until now.
Margaret, a believer that was not attending the training, came briefly to receive healing for long term glaucoma and pain in the back of the eyes. After about five commands, Wilma, a seasoned believer, received a word of knowledge that Margaret needed to confess forgiveness for ancestral involvement in freemasonry,  When Margaret sought forgiveness and closed the door on the freemasonry ancestral stuff, the ministry commenced again. As soon as the commanding happened after the freemasonry confession, the glaucoma was broken off Margaret. Praise God.
 Wilma, a sister attending the training sought healing for back pain, which was in her lower back.  Interestingly, as commands were given, the pain jumped and moved about to the side and top of Wilma’s back. It seemed to refuse to go. Lucille got a word of knowledge that sister Wilma had tried to command territorial spirits on a previous mission trip to Vanuatu. When sister Wilma repented of attempting to deal with territorial spirits in Vanuatu and when she asked God for forgiveness, the pain came out, never to return. Praise God!
A sister from Columbia, Lucero, had long term tinnitus in her ears. Sister Lucero is a walking miracle in that God bought her out of a coma and healed her fractured spine from a car accident many years ago. That healing happened a long time ago and not at our training. This sister’s tinnitus was also stubborn. We succeeded in commanding healing into one of her ears but the other one didn’t respond to commanding. Her problem is now only half as bad.  We believe that with further ministry and direction from the Holy Spirit, the other ear will respond to treatment and will be fully healed in Jesus name.
So, even though it was a small group, it was a very productive meeting. We now have a Special Forces unit for the Kingdom of God right here on the Gold Coast. It is composed of a few Australians, some Filipinos, some Malaysians, some Chinese, a New Guinean and a Latino. Praise God!”