“Praise the Lord for His grace upon our workers; we are seeing many great things in the unreached villages. 
I have received some reports from our workers in Raipur. The Lord is doing great things in that area.
A woman named Madhabi had severe back pain for seven years, and had to wear a back grace for some relief. After our Elijah Challenge worker Brother Sonu ministered to her she was wonderfully healed. She was able to remove the brace. She accepted the Lord Jesus.  
A man named Mahabir Tandi was demonized and very severely tormented. All his family members suffered much because of his condition. He would run here and there, even at night. They called a sorcerer to treat him, but the demon would not leave.  Our workers went to the village and with authority rebuked the demon. It came out of Mahabir in front of the village chief. Two of the families accepted the Lord Jesus Christ, and many people listened to the gospel.   
A man named Gagan had a toothache. After our Elijah Challenge workers ministered to him he was healed.
One man had a severe fever and cough. After taking medicine he still could not recover, suffering for three days. Our worker ministered to him and he was healed.
One 50-year-old woman had pain in her body as well as a headache. Our brother ministered her and she was healed.
A woman had suffered from a migraine headache for two years. She had been taking medicine to no avail. Finally her family asked our Elijah Challenge worker to minister her. Afterwards she was well with no more pain.
A woman named Pinki had had chest pain for two  years. When our worker ministered her she was in severe pain. But she was touched by the power of Jesus Christ, and instantly healed.
A man named Nilajal had fractured his left hand in an accident. After three months of treatment from a doctor it started hurting again. But when our worker ministered to him he was healed and had no more pain. Nilajal then accepted Christ.  
Thank you so much for your prayer and support for the extension of His kingdom.”
Elijah Challenge Coordinator 
February 2019