Neck & shoulders, eyes, vision, arthritis, back

“The outreach was powerful, bless the name of the Lord! We started in the same location as last week, but there were few shoppers in that area. Not sure if we should move to a busier area where we had no permission from the mall authorities to be, we prayed to the Lord for guidance. After we said “amen” we opened our eyes, and along came a mall security guard named Officer Diaz, who turned out to be a Baptist believer! He directed us to move our location to the busiest spot in the whole mall…to a table directly in front of the Hong Kong Food Market. We had prepared a makeshift sign with large black letters which read “HEALING PRAYER – Free!” in Vietnamese, Chinese, and English. There were plenty of grocery shopping carts around, so we commandeered one and set our sign atop it. Next to our shopping cart was a table where we laid out a nice assortment of tracts and gospel literature. The sign-on-the-shopping cart made us look like homeless missionaries, but it attracted the souls. Altogether we ministered to 12-15 souls, including several idol-worshippers. Particularly glorious was what the Lord did for a Vietnamese idol-worshipping lady who had had some previous exposure to Christianity through family and friends. She had been suffering from unbearable pain in her neck and shoulders for eight months, and had contemplated ending her life. Right there in front of the Hong Kong Market, she came to our table for prayer, accompanied by her teenage daughter. After the prayer she testified that the pain was gone. She is now open to receive Christ!

Several Vietnamese people were touched by God with physical healing. Among them: a man and his wife came. The man had pain in his eyes as well as poor vision, and throbbing pain above his forehead. After prayer, his eyes were healed and his vision cleared up; the pain was no more. We also prayed for his wife, a staunch 4th generation idol-worshipper, who felt general malaise in her body. She also felt the Lord’s power. The husband has drawn near to the Lord, and we have asked him to bring his wife to Christ as well. A Vietnamese man with pain and arthritis in his shoulder and upper arm came for prayer. The pain left, and he went to do some shopping. He came back later holding heavy shopping bags, and with no more pain in his arms, declared, “if Jesus heals me completely, I will believe in Him!” Two Vietnamese men from California stopped by, one a Christian, the other an idol-worshipper. The Christian was prayed over and healed of a back problem while his friend watched from a safe distance. Later the two men returned, and the idol-worshipping gentleman requested healing for his back problem as well. The Lord healed him! We gave him a tract, told him to accept Christ as Savior, and he said he would start going to church with his Christian friend!

Arthritis, knee injury

“One of the newcomers was a sister named Pat who had serious arthritis in her hips and knees. She even had difficulty getting up from her seat because of the pain. To demonstrate the authority that the Lord has given to believers for the sake of the gospel, I asked Sister Carole Carson to minister to her. After the ministry, Pat tested her condition by sitting down in her seat and trying to get up. For the first time in years, she sprang up from her seat like a jumping jack! There was no pain! She did this several more times for us, each time eliciting applause and praise for the Lord who did this marvelous thing before our very eyes.

Earlier in the class another sister named Melit testified. She had suffered serious injury to her knees in an auto accident six years ago, and still felt debilitating pain. Two sisters prayed over her, and her knees felt better. She went home and prayed over her knees, exercising the authority Christ has given to believers. Last Monday she testified before the class that she felt no more pain and her knees felt good after six years of suffering! The Lord is restoring His power to His people!”

Kidney stones

“Rosita, a middle-aged believer living in Katy, Texas, began to feel the excruciating pain Thursday while at work at Saks Fifth Avenue in Katy Mills. It felt like a knife stabbing into her lower back on her right side. The murderous pain intensified when she tried to go to the bathroom. The next day her doctor told her she might have kidney stones, and prescribed medication for her. On the way home, Rosita stopped by at the home of her friends Lukas and Hanna, my wife’s parents. Who knows…maybe Pastor will be there, Rosita thought, and I’ll ask him to pray over me.

It just happened that Friday afternoon my wife and I dropped by to visit, and there was Rosita sitting at the kitchen table, looking weak and gaunt. Speaking through pain, Rosita told us what had happened.

All of us moved to the family room, and sat on the sofa with Rosita in the middle. We prayed to the Father in Jesus’ name, boldly and confidently asking Him to release His healing grace in her body. We thanked the Father for healing her.

After the “Amen,” we laid our hands directly over her right kidney, and spoke over her the prayer of faith according to James 5:14-15. In the name of Jesus, we commanded any spirit of infirmity to leave her, and the kidney stones and the pain to go. With authority we commanded her body to be healed. New Testament scripture teaches that Jesus has given his disciples a measure of authority over disease and demons in His name. Rosita immediately felt some relief.

The next day she woke up feeling very well—without any pain—and decided to go to work at the Outlet Store. As usual, she pushed herself and, feeling energetic, worked hard all day. She asked the Lord whether or not she should take the medication, and felt a peace about not taking any. Obeying her doctor’s instructions, she drank lots of water. When she went to the bathroom, there was no pain at all…she had been completely healed!

Diabetes, heart

“I am “hopscotching” on new legs today as a result of healing by the great physician in your class last night. As I mentioned last night I have diabetes and a heart condition and for the past year or so I have been very limited in activities – especially those activities that included using leg muscles, as in walking or climbing stairs. After being ministered to in your class last night the pain left completely and although my muscles are weak from lack of use for so long am walking pain-free today.

Gerry and I were amazed at the clarity of your presentation of the scripture on taking authority over disease and illness in the name of Jesus. We thought we understood those passages before but last night they became crystal clear that we had missed the most important part – that being Prayer and then taking authority in the name of Jesus. Accepting the POWER He is offering us.

Sclerodoma or lupus or immune system dysfunction?

“…just had to take a moment and thank you so much for taking the time to pray with me on Sunday. I AM HEALED IN JESUS NAME!!! I went to the doctor yesterday morning and he now says that he doesn’t know what it was but he can find nothing wrong now! I have been standing against it trying to come back on me. “I have been bought with a price, therefore I will glorify God in my body.” “I surrender every member of my body as instruments of righteousness.” Whatever has been attacking me, whether spiritual or physical, must bow to my Lord, Jesus Christ because “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” “That same glory that raised Jesus Christ from the dead quickens my mortal body.”

I believe I told you that my doctor was saying it could possibly be sclerodoma or lupus or immune system dysfunction. I was so exhausted that for months I would go home from work and crawl in bed till the next morning. My skin had eruptions so numerous and was drawing up so badly that my face was one solid crust underneath my make-up and would not heal, my hands and arms like plastic. I itched tremendously all over all the time. I had gotten H.O.P.E. to pray for me on Saturday morning and I knew then that something broke in the spirit realm. By Sunday I was almost free of symptoms, and then you prayed for me. By Monday morning all symptoms were completely gone. I went to the doctor that morning and he now says that he doesn’t know what it was but he can find nothing wrong now and he gave me my walking papers!”

“My friend had been in bed with a back problem for about a week. Another lady and I went to pray for her. We had been at another prayer meeting so we were filled with His Spirit. I suggested we get right down to ministry. There was no use in our friend lying around in pain any longer. We could chit-chat afterwards. So we got right down to it. I don’t remember the exact order or all the things we said, but we did speak with authority, commanding the back to be straightened, the body to be healed, and commanding any demonic spirits to leave. In particular, I commanded lying spirits to leave. When I did this, our friend started screaming and holding her stomach and rocking on the bed. But as I continued commanding the lying spirits to leave, she was dramatically released. She told me that all the excruciating pain had left her! She was still somewhat sore but that was not unusual for having been in bed for a week. Nevertheless she was up and about that very day!

I believe lying spirits are often connected with back problems. There may be an initial physical trauma but the lying spirits take advantage of this to keep people incapacitated. This was my own personal experience until one day as people were praying for me the Lord told me very emphatically, “You do not have a weak back!” Immediately, as I believed and received this truth from my Father, the pain left me. That was years ago. I am no longer plagued with chronic back problems. Glory to God!”


“At the end of the first night of your seminar, I attempted to come to you three times. On the third time when you were headed out the door I stopped and asked you to pray for me regarding my neck problem. I had pain on the left side of my neck that was so severe that I was tempted to go to the hospital emergency room. I felt stiffness and sharp pain. I believe it was all due to stress or a very vicious attack from the enemy because of the work I had been doing with women in our Bible Studies. That evening you prayed over me and I felt some relief. As I walked away, I could feel more and more relief. Driving home I felt it loosening up somewhat, and by the time I was going to bed the pain was almost gone completely.

The pain had been so bad for me that it went from my shoulder to my neck, but the important thing is that it is gone. Once it tried to come back on me so I prayed to God, reminding myself that God had healed me and I was not going to accept pain there again. It subsided! The strangest thing was that the right side of my neck began to feel the exact same pain, and this led me to believe that I was being attacked in my body. I laid my hands on my neck and prayed to God for healing, reminding myself that I would not allow any sickness to come into my body. In the name of Jesus, I commanded it to be gone and to be healed; I bound Satan. I spoke to God regarding the fact that by Jesus’ stripes I am healed. While on my back, crying out because the pain was so severe, I began to feel heat in that area as it loosened up. I heard in my spirit “pick up your [mat] and walk.” I continued to lay there quietly, and again I heard “get up and walk.” I got out of bed with NO PAIN! At first I wasn’t sure if it was just me imagining that scripture, but I was healed! I jumped around and thanked God because I BELIEVED.

Every now and then I can feel the tingle of that pain trying to come back, and I say out loud, “GOD YOU HEALED ME …AND I REFUSE TO FEEL THIS PAIN AGAIN.” And the pain goes away! This is a great test and a great testimony for me. I believe God is making me stronger and increasing my ministry to others as I share the wonderful signs and wonders of God Almighty.

Even now, I am still praying for other people and very much want God to use me to help others and my family. I thank you and your ministry for re-affirming powerfully what God has already put in us as believers. I believe and trust in God now more than ever, and I believe that He is empowering all His Church to perform miraculous healing [for the sake of winning souls]!”

Ankle, back, fever, sleeplessness

“For two months, Siu Wang had experienced fever along with pain in her joints—especially her ankle and back—and could not sleep at night. Her doctors did not understand what kind of arthritis she might have, and the medication they prescribed for her did not help at all. Last Sunday she and her husband traveled to Houston from Austin for her weekly acupuncture treatment at the Hong Kong City Mall, but after the session she was still in pain. She happened to pass by our table in front of the Hong Kong Food Market and saw our sign which said, “Healing Prayer.” Lucille approached Siu as she browsed over the literature on the table, asking if we had any tracts on healing. We didn’t have any, but Lucille offered to pray over her. We had her sit down. She told us about the pain in her ankle and back. I laid my hand on her ankle and prayed over her, after which she got up and tested her ankle…she said the pain had pretty much gone. Lucille quickly shared the gospel with her and asked if she wanted to receive Christ. She replied that her friends had also shared Christ with her, but that she wanted to read the tracts first. Then she shared about her back pain, and Lucille laid her hand on her back to prayer over her. Her back pain was much less, and she was very happy feeling so much relief. She left to rejoin her husband who was still shopping in the Food Market.

When her husband saw her walking toward him without pain, he asked, “What happened to you? You have no difficulty walking!”

“Yes, a pastor prayed over me, and that’s why I feel so good now!” she replied. They returned home to Austin that afternoon.

Siu was well—no more pain in her body, the fever was gone, and she could sleep at night! She called her Christian friends and shared with them about the pastor in Houston who had prayed so earnestly over her and how she was healed. She and her husband wanted to believe in Jesus Christ, regretting that she didn’t accept the Lord on Sunday after she was healed. But she didn’t know how to contact us. On one of the tracts she had taken from our table she found the name and number of a Chinese pastor in Houston. She called him and recounted to him what had happened to her. He gave her our telephone number, and she called us Thursday night). Over the telephone with Lucille, she and her husband accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior!

Abscessed Tooth

“Last week, my husband and I discovered that my six year old son, David, had an abscessed tooth. He was running fever and very swollen in a matter of a few hours. The dentist prescribed an ineffective antibiotic for this infection and had him on 5 times the normal dose for a child his age. I trusted him and gave him the medicine. David was still not doing well while on the medicine, so I had several people at work to pray for him.

A few days later he suddenly grew worse. The Lord gave me the discernment to take him to the Emergency Room. There, the doctor who treated him said he was on way too much of the wrong antibiotic. We would have to wait until morning to give him any of the new one. Early the next morning (still no new/productive medicines in his system), I commanded in the Name of Jesus for the tooth to be healed, and also asked everyone on staff at First Baptist Church Katy to pray for
healing. The word was put out around 9:30 via email at FBC Katy and through their prayer chain ministry – and when he woke up at 11:00 the huge, swollen cheek was down and his fever was all gone!!! He could not believe it! We praise Jesus and thank the Lord for the faith of His servants!

There are countless other miracles and testimonies the Lord has performed in my life and others around me! Too many to list all, but here are a few: a painful rash on my foot last Sept. healed within hours after weeks of pain & itching/ my son’s high fever this past fall instantly breaking upon being rebuked/ release from the demons of addiction in my own life/ relief of my son’s sinus headaches/ my mother-in-law’s mysterious rash on her hand going away/ complete disappearing of abdominal pains/ my son’s healing of a pyloric valve disorder/ my father-in-law’s diabetes reversing itself/ our volunteer pastor’s eyesight going from worse to better – all in Jesus’ powerful and holy Name.

Please keep in mind that some of these testimonies were instant, and others took many times of ministering to the person, or are even still being ministered to today. We should never give up! We should also not be afraid to ask for help in this area!”


Stomach, back

“Every Sunday afternoon the Encourager Intercessors meet at 4:00 to pray before the Sunday night prayer service at the Encourager Church. Last Sunday during our prayer time, one of the other Intercessors was having pain in her stomach and lower back. Several of us Encourager Intercessors have been taking your class on commanding forth the healing in Jesus’ name and believing with the faith of God.

As our prayer time began to get more anointed, several Intercessors noticed the pain one of the ladies was having in her stomach so we went and laid hands on her. We started with offering prayers for her healing and then we began to command in Jesus’ name the healing that we had been praying for. Her stomach was quickly healed in Jesus’ name and we were able to continue with our intercessory prayer.

After our prayer time was winding down, she asked if we could also pray for her lower back pain. We immediately began to pray and once again command forth healing in Jesus’ name, but this time for the back pain. After our prayer, we asked her to touch her toes. At first she could only touch her knees but after several tries, she was easily ably to touch her toes. Praise God, for His word is truth! That evening she gave her testimony before the church regarding her healing.”

Urinary problem, thyroiditis

“My husband Lawrence has suffered from urinary urgency every day for ten years. It has been a very difficult, miserable problem. He has seen medical specialists and there was no known cause for the trouble. God gave him grace, and he was uncomplaining, but had been in prayer for many years asking God to heal him. We received instructions from Lucille over the phone, who urged me to lay hands on my husband and told me how to pray for him. My husband and I were fasting and praying, and I laid hands on his head and prayed over him. I commanded the spirits of urinary urgency to leave his body, to go to the pit, and to never return to him. Furthermore, I broke any generational curses and any family curses that in any way were contributing to his infirmity. For about a week, he had no symptoms, and then it partly returned. Lucille had told me that sometimes the infirmity tries to come back, and we need to stand against it and rebuke it once again. We will once again fast and pray on Sunday, and I will lay hands on my husband again, and pray for him. Praise our Almighty God who works great miracles on our behalf! Thank you, Lord for your mercy on your servant and for the wisdom and knowledge You have given to your servants.”

“In February of 2001 I was diagnosed with thyroiditis. After two months of being weak and unable to work, I asked Lucille to break the strangle hold of this illness. She prayed with me over the phone and rebuked the illness. From that moment on I had no more symptoms, and I resumed a normal life. Praise God for his servants and almighty power!

In the fall of 2001, at my doctor’s request I had a thyroid test to see if there was residual damage to my thyroid. The test confirmed that there was damage to my thyroid even though I had not had no symptoms of any thyroid problems. My doctor stated that I would have to be on thyroid medication for the rest of my life. I did not like that idea!

My main concern was that my husband and I want to have a baby, and a dysfunctional thyroid can prevent pregnancy.

I hesitated to take the medication, and did not begin taking it regularly until a few months later in February 2002. I started taking the medication and had some symptoms of problems with the medication.

Following [the] instructions from the [Public Healing Encounters] Workshop, I laid hands on my thyroid and commanded the spirits of infirmity to go and spoke healing to my thyroid. (I don’t recall if I did this before starting on the medication or after.) After only three weeks on the medication, I was having life threatening symptoms associated with over-medication by thyroid medicine. I took a new thyroid test, and immediately stopped the medication. The test results showed that my thyroid was normal after only three weeks on the medication when the doctor said it would take nothing less than three months to correct my thyroid. I waited a month (with no thyroid medication) and was able to obtain a third thyroid test. I took the test, and was very fearful that it would still show some damage remaining to my thyroid. After taking the test, I asked Pastor to pray for my thyroid. My thyroid test came back normal! There is no need for any medication. All damage to my thyroid has vanished! Praise God!”


Diabetic coma

Prayer request received: “The doctors are saying that if Lawrence’s sister has not come out of it by Thursday morning that it is rare for anyone after that time limit to come out of this type of coma. Lawrence has been at her bedside. Her blood sugar was 700 when she was brought to the emergency room, and needed to be 150. She had a 101 degree temperature. When Lawrence arrived, I think her blood sugar was down to 400. God was gracious and had her in a private room in the ER, and Lawrence rebuked spirits and commanded them to leave. Lawrence returned to her bedside today and again prayed and rebuked spirits. Her blood sugar was down to 148 in the early afternoon today, but she is still not conscious. Her temperature has gone down, but I don’t know how much. The hospital has run tests and the coma does not seem to be due to any other conditions. She is currently in Herman Hospital. Lawrence will return tomorrow to be at her beside. Tonight a pastor spoke on TV about Elijah praying six times without seeing a response and then on the seventh saw only a cloud as big as a man’s hand, but it became a rain storm. Lawrence was encouraged to keep commanding spirits to go and to command healing. We would like to pray with you on the phone.”

After Lucille called and prayed with Lawrence over the telephone, we received the following testimony…

“We want you to know how much we appreciated you, Lucille, calling and praying with Lawrence today. Good News!!! When Lawrence arrived at the hospital his sister was out of coma! Her speech is slow, she has lost some memory, and her thinking is slow, but she is so much better! Praise God! Alleluia! Thank you for your help!



This is a testimony of Debbie at the Encourager Church in Houston. She had a tumor the size of an ostrich egg in her stomach that had tentacles streaming off of it, attaching themselves around her spine. By God’s grace, Debbie was healed. Our Lord says it this way, “Be it unto you according as you have believed.” After praying and believing, she exercised the authority over disease that she has as a witness of Christ and commanded it to go in Jesus’ name. The tumor eventually withered. Someone who heard Debbie’s testimony wrote….

“The testimony Debbie gave was extremely valuable and taught us something quite remarkable. When Debbie described that “ostrich egg” with tentacles, it reminded me of the hideousness of Satan. Afterwards, I asked her if she battled or argued in her mind about her healing. She said she realized her mind would tell her different than what God had and she went with God had told her. That’s amazing! Since the battleground is in our mind, she by-passed the battlefield altogether and was able to receive her healing quite quickly! Another point she made was that some cancers develop their own blood supply and in praying for cancer victims, she not only commands the death of the cancer cells, but also commands the cancer’s blood supply to dry up! Testimonies like this can teach us a lot. It’s easy to have faith when we are well. But when we are in a weakened condition and sick, the word says the enemy comes to attack us, and the battle will often come to our minds. But if we will not give in to analytical reason, and recognize that our mind may tell us something contrary to God’s Word, and if we “bring every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, casting down every argument or vain imagination,” we can walk in what God says we can have.”

Allergies, sleeplessness, arthritis, eyes, glaucoma

“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how your ministry is benefiting others. I was telling a friend that I needed my faith lifted by coming to your class on Thursday evenings because I have always believed that God wants to use me to do the works of Jesus to proclaim the Gospel.

As I shared with the class last Thursday, after week one, I laid hands on two young women that are new believers who both had allergies and they said that the allergies left them. The next week I laid hands on a new believer with a sleeping problem-tormented dreams, sleeplessness, fear, and she said that she slept peacefully and that she felt wonderful and refreshed.”

“This Tuesday I prayed for a friend who has been experiencing pain in her wrists. She was told that it was arthritis. She is a hairdresser and she said it really affected her work. I ministered to her and the pain vanished from her right wrist. She said a little pain still remained in her left wrist. I told her that that would not do and ministered to her again. I could see her expression change when the pain left completely. I talked to her this morning and she said that the pain has not returned. Amen and Hallelujah!!!

I also have another testimony that I neglected to add the other day. My sister Diane called from Pennsylvania and asked me to pray for her eye. She said it looked horrible. The whites of her eyes had little bumps and the white covering seemed to be moving!!! I prayed over the phone and she called me two days later and said that God had completely healed her eyes. Praise the name of Jesus.

God is moving and I for one want to be a part of His work. Thanks again for your ministry. I can’t tell you how blessed I was to learn from you and thank you for the opportunity to pray for your ministry, your wife and your family.”

“I am in awe more and more daily of His goodness. I want to pass on two specific healings that occurred when Jesus’ name was used. I prayed last week for an older woman in my Bible study who had glaucoma. Her pressure when last checked was at 19 but she went to the doctor yesterday and her pressure is 14/15 and he took her off the medication. I am not sure what normal pressure is supposed to be but I told her that I will minister to her again because we want a completed healing with normal pressure.

This Tuesday I prayed for a friend who has been experiencing pain in her wrists. She was told that it was arthritis. She is a hairdresser and she said it really affected her work. I ministered to her and the pain left her right wrist and she said a little pain was left in her left wrist. I told her that that would not do and ministered to her again. I could see her expression change when the pain left completely. I talked to her this morning and she said that the pain has not returned. Amen and Hallelujah!!!

God is moving and I for one want to be a part of His work. Thanks again for your ministry. I can’t tell you how blessed I was to learn from you.”

“This Tuesday I prayed for a friend who has been experiencing pain in her wrists. She was told that it was arthritis. She is a hairdresser and she said it really affected her work. I ministered to her and the pain vanished from her right wrist. She said a little pain still remained in her left wrist. I told her that that would not do and ministered to her again. I could see her expression change when the pain left completely. I talked to her this morning and she said that the pain has not returned. Amen and Hallelujah!!!

I also have another testimony that I neglected to add the other day. My sister Diane called from Pennsylvania and asked me to pray for her eye. She said it looked horrible. The whites of her eyes had little bumps and the white covering seemed to be moving!!! I prayed over the phone and she called me two days later and said that God had completely healed her eyes. Praise the name of Jesus.

God is moving and I for one want to be a part of His Work. Thanks again for your ministry. I can’t tell you how blessed I was to learn from you.”.



“Mrs. Diep Huynh anxiously surveyed her bloated tummy which throbbed with pain. Because of the disease, she had watched herself gradually swell from a size eight to a size sixteen. Finally she went to see a doctor. The physician at the Hong Kong City Mall in Houston told her she needed a colonoscopy for an accurate diagnosis. Diep, an immigrant from Vietnam who did not speak English, did not have insurance or the money for this expensive treatment. She left the doctor’s office in bewilderment, looking for someone in the Mall, anyone—who could comfort her fears and tell her what to do.

She approached our Outreach in the Mall area, drawn by a sign which read “Healing Prayer” in Vietnamese. My teammate Jordan and I laid hands on her and ministered to her in the name of Jesus. Immediately the pain in her tummy disappeared. Over the next three days, Diep saw her abdomen deflate to a size eight. She had been completely healed in the name of Jesus Christ! In gratitude, Diep accept Christ as her Lord and Savior, and began attending the Vietnamese Baptist Church. Her family was still in Vietnam, and they were idol-worshippers. But Diep sent them sermon notes from her Pastor along with pages torn out from a Vietnamese Bible. Through her ministry, her family in Vietnam has accepted Christ, and has begun to reach out to others!

Another sister in the Vietnamese Baptist Church, a pharmacist, had hepatitis C, an incurable disease of the liver. Her doctor wanted to put her on interferon, a treatment with severe side effects. She decided to trust the Lord instead. At a Seminar held earlier this year in her church, she came up to my wife Lucille and me and requested prayer for her hepatitis. We laid hands on her in Jesus’ name. In succeeding visits to her doctor, he found her liver improving. The Lord has now completely healed her of hepatitis C apart from any treatment!”


Dizziness, depression

“My name is Dina Gaffney and I have a praise report of the Lord healing my brother Leo. He has been suffering from dizzy spells for about 1-2 years. He has been seen by many doctors, specialists, and been taking a tremendous amount of medication. He has been confined to his bed for the most part. He has been unable to drive and do normal things that many people take for granted. He has put on quite a bit of weight due to being unable to exercise, his attitude of discouragement, and his negative mindset. Much of his life he has suffered from depression, which has had a negative impact on his marriage and his family life. After having observed and studied at the Healing Encounters I have learned to take command of evil spirits. I was not calling my brother in regards to this situation in particular but for another reason. When I asked him how he was doing he responded in a very low pitched and depressed voice that he was not doing well and he was feeling very sick. Jesus laid it in my heart to minister to him and to pray for him. In the name of Jesus, I took authority over all the spirits of infirmity and commanded them to leave him once and for all. I did this with complete and unabridged faith because I knew it wasn’t me but the Holy Spirit ministering to him. I asked him, “How do you feel?” He said, “I feel a warm feeling like fire in my left ear, and something coming out of my ear, like worms.” So I continued praying for him and I told him to praise the Lord for the rest of the day and confess to the Lord that HE has healed you. He felt much better. About an hour and a half later, I called him again. This time his voice was normal and happy, and he was out of bed and walking around the house! I also told him to play his praise music, to change his sheets, and to anoint his entire house. I told him that in the name of Jesus he was healed and that by tomorrow he would be a new man!”




Hands, arthritis, female problem, mass healing, deafness

“Last Friday morning Pastor Peter Pinon of El Shaddai Assembly of God in Katy called me, asking me to minister that evening to his congregation at a special night of prayer. Lucille and I went and taught them about the authority that God has given His saints to heal the sick for the preaching of the gospel. They are a Spanish-speaking congregation. Let me say that the power we saw unleashed through the believers that evening is what we usually witness only on the “mission field.” The Holy Spirit had already prepared the people, and it only took a slight nudge from us to get them moving.

After teaching them the word, I asked for people with pain in their hands to come forward for healing. I ministered to the first one, a sister. Her hand, which was painful for her to open up, was immediately healed in the name of Jesus. Then I went to the next person, and found that her arm was already healed. When I questioned the third person, a young man, his hand was also healed. All three had been healed simultaneously in the name of Jesus!

There was present near the front an elderly woman with severe arthritis in her legs and could walk with great difficulty only with the help of a walker. Seeing the Holy Spirit move, sisters on each side of her lifted her up from the pew and helped her to the front for her healing. Instead of ministering to her myself, I instructed the two sisters to lay their hands on her legs in the name of Jesus. Afterwards I took her by her hand and pulled her forward to walk. She began to walk slowly without a limp. After several steps I let go of her hand. She continued on by herself, walking across the front of the sanctuary! She turned and walked back to her seat on her own power, covering her wizened face with her hands as tears rolled down her cheeks in gratitude at what the Lord had done for her. The congregation exploded with praise to the Lord.

Others came forward for healing, and I asked for believers to come up to minister healing to them. As they laid their hands on the infirm, healings took place. At the end of the meeting, I called a brother, who was a fervent soul-winner, to come forward to minister mass healing to another group of infirm people. As he commanded their healing in Christ’s name, the Lord healed most if not all of them simultaneously. One sister who could not say that she was healed of a female problem went to the restroom to check. There she discovered that the problem had disappeared!

On Sunday, I taught the believers how to minister healing as an accompaniment to the gospel, just as the early disciples had done (Luke 9:1-2, Luke 10:1,9,17). Afterwards a woman who had been deaf in her left ear for fifty years came forward for healing. I asked one of the sisters in the church to minister to her. Just like Jesus, she put her finger into the deaf ear, commanded the spirit of deafness to go, and the ear to open in Jesus’ name. As the sister ministered to her, the woman’s hearing was gradually restored—she cried and gave thanks unto the Lord as she began to hear for the first time in fifty years!

In the days following that weekend, Pastor Peter reported that his people were “going wild” preaching the gospel and healing the sick. As a district supervisor for the Assemblies of God, he sent some of his people to another church to minister, and there Jesus was exalted as they ministered miraculous healings in His name!”


“Last Friday I was called to the Memorial City Hospital to minister to a dear sister who according to her daughter was given three days to live by her doctor. She had terminal emphysema and was struggling to breathe, even with the aid of the hospital oxygen machine. From the human point of view of the friends and relatives gathered in the room, there was, quite sadly, no hope for her. However, many people from her church were praying for God to raise her up miraculously.

When my wife and I arrived at the hospital, a couple from the church, David and Elsa, were already there. Later, Brother Lee also joined us. We anointed her with oil, laid our hands on her chest, and commanded her lungs to be healed in the name of Jesus. We commanded a creative miracle—new air sacs in her lungs to be created in the name of Jesus. (It was by the CREATIVE power of the Holy Spirit that God formed the earth.)

The next day we were given the apparently sad news that the sister no longer wanted the oxygen…it was concluded that she could no longer take it and wanted to end her suffering. But today I received a phone call from her. She is well, and getting ready to go home from the hospital. She had refused the oxygen after we ministered to her because she felt so much better and didn’t need it anymore!”




“Sunday evening, April 7, my wife and I stopped by a Condominium to visit a new believer. The Lord so gracious and loving that He gave us an opportunity to minister to a new believer who had a stroke almost a month old. At the time, he was still using his rolling chair and hardly able walk by himself. The Church was praying for him, and he began to walk. But have two other issue: if he sat down, he could not stand up without assistance, and he felt dizzy when he walked. Both of us asked the Lord to have mercy and to heal him. After finish praying, we commanded dizziness to go in JESUS name, and…a few day after, we came back and the dizziness was gone! Praise God.

Last Sunday, we drove him and his wife to the Church. Responding to Pastor Khanh’s invitation, he came forth to be prayed for. Jesus strengthened his legs. He tried to sit down and stand up by himself, and he did it! The Lord touched him from head to toe, and he was healed. He joined us for lunch and had fellowship with us later. Praise the Lord!

There are many more sick elderly people at that Condo who need Jesus. I asked all the saints to continue praying for them that the Lord reveal His power and open their hearts to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!! Glory be to God!”

Social Phobia

“Sister Jaime Chau wrote me from New Jersey about a sister named Li-Ping. I ministered to them and other Baptist believers on a recent trip to the Northeast during which I taught my Seminar on the Miraculous Works of Christ. Li-Ping was diagnosed as having a severe form of social phobia, making her extremely shy and fearful in social situations. She needed work, but could not get herself to accept a job interview for a pharmacist position since it involved making a presentation before people. Jaime writes…

Here is a testimony that Li-Ping’s husband just shared with me over the phone. I asked him, “How was Li-Ping’s interview?”

He said, “Great! She said she felt very successful today, the first time in her life!”

Li-ping finally overcame the fear that has been haunting her all her life. For you who don’t know her, I have to tell you that she is the most introverted person I have ever met. She hardly speaks in front of people at all. Yet, after Pastor prayed in the name of Jesus on that Sunday to cast the demon of fear out of her body, she took the first step by scheduling an appointment for her job interview. However, she was still very nervous during the time of preparation. Last night, after Pastor prayed for her over the phone, she felt much better. Today, she went to the interview with the confidence that Jesus gave her. She said she felt so comfortable and peaceful when she gave the presentation in front of a group of people. Never before had she felt so free. Yes, once again, she demonstrated that in God, everything is possible! Amen!” (Li-Ping was offered the job, and accepted it!)”


“First of all, I wanted to thank you and your wife for being such an encouragement to us!! You have really helped us in preparation for the ministry that the Lord wants us to be stewards over.

Secondly, I have a little testimony I wanted to share with you…my wife Mia is legally blind without very powerful contact lenses. The eye doctors could not correct her vision to 20/20. I know that Jesus came to heal the blind so I ministered to her in Jesus’ name for over half an hour. She can see better now!! She said there is a definite difference in her vision and that her eyes are stronger and can focus better. Praise the Lord!!”



Shoulder, multiple sclerosis

“One Saturday in the middle of September, Matthew and Andrew were manning the ‘prayer booth’ outside Family Christian Store on Mason Road when a lady leaning heavily on a cane slowly made her way towards the store. As she drew level with the prayer booth, Matthew asked if he could pray for her. She replied that she had MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and welcomed their prayer. The following Saturday, she drove past the booth and waved cheerfully with a bright smile, so Andrew and Matthew surmised she must be feeling better. Little did they guess how God was going to confirm it. A week the following Tuesday, Matthew happened to be on vacation and so was able to join the intercessors for the Katy Church at their early morning prayer meeting at a local supermarket. He and Andrew lingered afterwards to refill their coffee, and who should walk in on her way to work but the ‘MS lady’. Gone was her cane and present was a radiant joyful smile. She expressed her delight that God had healed her to the point where she was scarcely aware of any weakness or discomfort in her legs, and she was very aware of the presence of the Lord in her life. Matthew and Andrew then prayed again for the Lord to continue the healing in this Lady’s life. All three expressed their joy at God’s hand of grace over coffee at the Randall’s supermarket.”

—Ministry to Chicago Bulls Center Jake Voskuhl at Houston Prayer Booth—
“On the same Saturday in mid September, Matthew was folding up the booth at the end of the day when a Cadillac drew up and a young woman entered the store. The Cadillac driver backed up to Matthew and asked what he was doing there. Matthew explained he was there to pray for people. The back window of the Cadillac rolled down and an elderly lady asked Matthew to pray for her. Matthew approached the car and prayed for her. The young man driving the car then asked Matthew if he would pray with him. He had been to Houston for an MRI and was going to get the results on Monday. He was concerned about the extent of the injury. Matthew was equal to the task! Then Matthew felt an urging from the Lord to impart something to the elderly lady. He laid his hand on her shoulder, and felt the power of the Lord pass through. The lady looked startled and said, “How did you know it was that shoulder causing the pain? Her shoulder was healed at that moment. The elderly lady and the young man then filled out prayer requests. It transpired that the young man was Jake Voskuhl, center for the Chicago Bulls, who was in Houston buying the Cadillac for his mom, the elderly lady God had just healed. The following Saturday, Matthew got a call in the store from Mrs. Voskuhl Sr confirming that her shoulder was healed, and that Jake’s injury was only a pinched nerve. She then sent her younger son, who attends Houston Baptist University, over to visit with Matthew. God is Good!”



“Greetings, my brother! I was much impressed with your teaching. It is clear that the hand of the Lord is on you, guiding your walk with Him. I am reminded of Mary when she received word from the Lord, that she pondered those things in her heart. That’s what I have been doing these last days. I am having to change the way I think about healing and my personal responsibilities.

In describing the seminar to my Bible study class, I asked them what would it take for them to accept that they had received a measure of healing as “standard equipment” for a believer. The response was generally that they would need to experience that personally (seeing is believing). When I told them that had been my experience, they basically were sitting with mouths open and no words. They would have been very skeptical of this story if it had come from a stranger. As it was, they were uneasy, but could not simply discount what I said due to their knowledge of my character over many years.

I told them briefly about the biblical basis of your teaching, about the primary purpose (evangelism to the “Jews”), and about the absence of manifestations which would concern a conservative Baptist (tongues, “falling out” in the floor, etc.). This is a “touchy” topic with Baptists, as you know. However, it is undeniably Biblical and I cannot deny that it is real. …my knee is stronger than it has been in many years—a clear change for the better.”



Perforated Eardrum

“At a Healing Encounter held in New York City at a Korean Church on August 19, I prayed over a twelve-year-old boy who had a perforated eardrum. The boy then testified that he could hear clearly—his hearing was restored! Immediately I challenged the people to total commitment to Christ, and many of them came forward. Souls can be moved by a demonstration of the Spirit’s power.”

Shoulder and hips

“Yesterday in the evening service you prayed over me in regards to pain in my shoulder and hips. I am pleased to share with you, my wife and my parents via this e-mail that I appear to be virtually fully healed. The significance of this answer to prayer may be hard for you to appreciate, as you are not fully aware of the events of my life in recent years. Let it suffice to say that the quietness of your prayer, the quietness of the service and most importantly the awareness that my wife and I had of the presence of the Lord in yesterday’s services did much to shore up my faith. I did not know what to expect when I went forward for prayer last night – but God has quietly answered.

Not to belabor what has happened but I thought I would share with you what I literally felt immediately after you prayed for me. Once I sat down I began to feel a pressure in my arm combined with a slight “burn” or warm sensation in the joint. In fact it is still there. I immediately felt some relief but didn’t say much about it to anyone at the time. This morning I awoke, got dressed, carried my very heavy briefcase to work and it wasn’t until I was halfway between the parking garage and the office that I realized that I didn’t have any pain. Once
I arrived at my desk I began to “work” the shoulder and found that virtually all the pain is gone….”


Hearing, ears

“A most intriguing thing occurred when we were ministering at the front to a brother who had been partially deaf since birth. Following the example of Jesus in the gospels, I inserted my fingers into his ears and commanded them to be open in Jesus’ name. While I was doing this, two other people still seated in the auditorium reported feeling a tingling sensation in their ears. One of them was a Filipino pastor who had suffered some loss of hearing. He felt his hearing clearing up as I was ministering to the brother at the front. A sister, also in her seat, had
had swollen nodules in her neck affecting her ears. She could not find the nodules afterwards. Later I invited other believers to come forward to lay hands on the infirm according to what I had taught them from the Scriptures. God’s healing power moved through them as well.”

Lower back, stomach

“…I ministered to the wife of a professor at the College of Biblical Studies. She had a physical problem in her foot. As I ministered to her, another lady with pain in her body, seated just next to her, felt the Lord’s healing power flowing into her body. On the other side of the classroom sat a second lady who because of a lower back condition had been unable to turn her upper body. She was now freely turning left and right in her seat. Tears of gratitude to the Lord streamed down her face as she described how He had just healed her. In the row behind her, a third sister testified how she felt the Lord’s power come upon her and deliver her from the pain she had in her back and stomach. All this took place as I was ministering to the
professor’s wife who had a problem in her foot. This was not a manifestation of the gift of healing, but simply the authority that the Lord has given to believers for the confirmation of the gospel of Christ to those who are not yet saved!”



“I was able to offer a Power Encounter to a brother in Victoria tonight that was awesome! His ankles were so bad that he had to keep his whole body taught, and could not bear to stand for long. He KNEW that he was healed, and that the symptoms would go away gradually. We went back at it to remove the spirits of deception, and he was on his feet the rest of the time I was there. He even came out to my van and helped me load my supplies, and then pushed the cart back into the church! What a miracle! What a blessing to see God be God, and the spirits of infirmity to be gone! Thank you for training me so that I was able to offer this dear brother peace and healing in the name of Jesus!”

Rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder, unclean spirit, heart

“Thank you so much for being faithful to God’s word and call on your lives. After the Seminar, we continued praying for the sick. One lady who had rheumatoid arthritis, confessed that she had been involved with a ouija board some eight years before. So we commanded that any generational curses of witchcraft in her family be broken, and any curses or seals that had been put on her through this incident be broken in the name of Jesus. The Spirit of the Lord came upon her strongly. After the prayer she said that she experienced such lightness in her spirit and she looked 5 to 10 years younger…

The next lady was suffering oppression at her work place, so we spoke over her and broke that spirit in the Name of Jesus. Again she was feeling much relief in her spirit, but she was still standing with one shoulder lower than the other. From her stance, I suggested we might check the relative length of her legs. After sitting her down, we observed that her left leg was 1/2 inch shorter than the right leg ankle bone to ankle bone. We then commanded the leg to be lengthened in the name of Jesus, and on checking the ankle bones, they were level. On standing up she was much more comfortable in her posture and her shoulders were much more level.

The next lady had fear of authority. She shared that this had occurred when she had been picked on in the 2nd grade by all her classmates. We again broke the spirit and curse of fear on this lady in the name of Jesus. Again she felt much at peace when we had finished.

The last lady had severe arthritis in her body and in her neck and head. We rebuked the arthritis in the name of Jesus and some lumps in her neck subsided, and she was much relieved. We also broke any generational curses of arthritis in the family in the name of Jesus, so that possible sources of the disease would be cut off.

Delores whom you prayed for at St. Paul’s Episcopal concerning her leg reported that her leg had stayed much, much better since you had prayed. We prayed for her Sunday for a microvalve prolapse that causes mild disautonomia syndrome. We
again commanded healing to her body and to her heart in the name of Jesus. We
discerned through the Holy Spirit that this was generational curse, because
Delores confirmed that her mother suffered the same way. She is feeling much
better again since we prayed.

Thank you for equipping us to walk as Jesus did.”

Lower Back and Hip

It was such encouraging to see you at Northwest Chinese Baptist Church during my visit to Houston, and most of all I want to thank God for healing my lower back and hip through your prayer. I was so excited to see with my own eyes that how God heals through His faithful servant, and I was so grateful that I could experience His miracle healing upon me. I went to see my specialist on Monday for my appointment and told him about what had happened to me in Houston. Unfortunately he would not believe it, but he proved that I can start doing exercise now. Yesterday, I finally went to gym after I had been ordered to stop exercises for almost two months, I felt great! Good is so faithful and awesome that He always watches over those who trust and obey Him with whole heart. I really hope that the brothers and sisters at Northwest Chinese Baptist Church could receive the message from your preaching and put their trust on God completely and follow God’s guidance instead of their own.


In our Seminar last Saturday morning in Houston’s Grace Chapel, we had in attendance Dr. Katharine Hsu, M.D., F.C.C.P., Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine. Dr. Hsu is a committed Christian who by God’s grace has excelled in her profession, credited with wiping out children’s tuberculosis in the city of Houston. She has won seventeen academic honors and awards; thirty-nine scientific publications are credited to her, and was featured on the cover of Focus on the Family for Physicians. Even though God has used her in an extraordinary way to heal as a medical doctor, Dr. Hsu believes that God also heals supernaturally as is recorded in the Bible. After her retirement from medical practice and teaching, she desired with all her heart for the Lord to use her for His glory to heal supernaturally in the name of Jesus, even in her late eighties.

At the end of the session that Saturday morning, it was time to demonstrate what I had been teaching—ministering physical healing in Jesus’ name. A sister named Jenny who had pain and stiffness in her neck came forward for healing prayer. Dr. Hsu was seated near the front, and I asked her to come forward to lay hands on Jenny.

“Where does it hurt, Jenny?” asked Dr. Hsu with an authority born of decades of healing through medical science. Jenny pointed to the back of her neck. I instructed Dr. Hsu to lay her hand on the spot, to command the pain to go and the neck to be healed in Jesus’ name.

“The pain is gone, but my neck is still stiff,” reported Jenny afterwards. Again Dr. Hsu ministered to her with the authority Christ has given to His disciples. (Luke 9.1-2 & 10.1,9,17). Then Jenny said, “my neck is fine now, but the pain has moved down.” Jenny pointed to a spot a couple of inches below the base of her neck.

“Well, then,” I explained to the people, “since it can move around, this appears to be the work of a spirit of infirmity. Dr. Hsu, this time, command the spirit of infirmity to go in Jesus’ name.”

Dr. Hsu spoke to the spirit with authority. Jenny shifted her back to check for the pain. “The discomfort is gone,” she replied, “and even the pain that stretched down to my lower back, that I didn’t tell you about, is gone!” Praise the Lord!

Dr. Hsu turned to me, and with eyes glistening with gratitude to the Lord, said humbly, “I’ve been praying for so long for the Lord to use me to heal in this way, and today He’s beginning to answer my prayer.” Even if nothing else had been accomplished (but much was!), Dr. Hsu’s words made the Seminar worthwhile for me. I thank the Lord for His grace.


Flat Feet

Over the past four Friday evenings we also taught our Seminar on Public Power Encounters with Pastor John Thomas of the International Bible Church. These Power Encounters are for the express purpose of demonstrating the power of the name of Jesus to unbelievers so they can believe in Him. After each session, believers came forward to minister healing to those with pain in their bodies. The Lord did numerous miraculous healings through them. Among them…

Sister Amina had moved from Pakistan to the United States with her husband Shakeel. She suffered much pain from her flat feet. After doing housework on her feet she would be in such discomfort that she would have to lie down for hours to recover. She came forward during one of the Friday sessions to receive healing prayer. I looked around for someone to minister to her. There was a 17-year-old girl named Bubby seated near the front, and I thought it would be very encouraging for the people to see even a teenager minister healing in the name of Jesus with power. I asked Bubby to join us at the front. I had Sister Amina sit down on a chair, while Bubby kneeled and held Amina’s feet in her hands. Following my instructions, Bubby commanded any spirit of infirmity to go and Amina’s feet to be healed in Jesus’ name.

Amina stood up and walked around. With a smile, she said there was no more pain and her feet felt good. Pastor Thomas, who has worked in the medical field, looked at the soles of her feet and noticed an arch where there was none before. The following weekend, Amina shared with me that she had experienced no more pain throughout the week…she had been healed in the name of Jesus through a teenage girl!

Sister Dolores, who attends Lakewood Church in Houston, joined us for the last session of our Seminar with Pastor John accompanied by a friend, another sister from Lakewood Church. For years she had suffered from severe allergies—especially with her sinuses—which caused great discomfort. When I asked who needed healing prayer, Dolores came forward. I asked her friend to come up to minister to her.

“I’ve been prayed for literally a thousand times for this problem but I’m still not healed,” Dolores told me. “I can feel my sinuses acting up right now.” Lakewood Church, where she worships, has a strong ministry to the sick. I instructed her friend to lay her hands on her sinuses, and with authority to command the spirit of allergy to go and for the discomfort to cease in Jesus’ name.

“How do you feel now, Dolores?” I asked her. With a look of surprise mixed with delight on her face, she said that she could feel heat in her sinuses and that the discomfort had receded! Such heat is usually a physical manifestation of the healing work of the Holy Spirit. Now we’re waiting for the report of her complete and permanent healing from the Lord.


Sister Dolores, who attends Lakewood Church in Houston, joined us for the last session of our Seminar with Pastor John accompanied by a friend, another sister from Lakewood Church. For years she had suffered from severe allergies—especially with her sinuses—which caused great discomfort. When I asked who needed healing prayer, Dolores came forward. I asked her friend to come up to minister to her.

“I’ve been prayed for literally a thousand times for this problem but I’m still not healed,” Dolores told me. “I can feel my sinuses acting up right now.” Lakewood Church, where she worships, has a strong ministry to the sick. I instructed her friend to lay her hands on her sinuses, and with authority to command the spirit of allergy to go and for the discomfort to cease in Jesus’ name.

“How do you feel now, Dolores?” I asked her. With a look of surprise mixed with delight on her face, she said that she could feel heat in her sinuses and that the discomfort had receded! Such heat is usually a physical manifestation of the healing work of the Holy Spirit. Now we’re waiting for the report of her complete and permanent healing from the Lord.


Tinaitis, arthritis in knees

The weekend ministry in Cherry Hill, NJ, was blessed wonderfully by the Lord! The people were committed Baptist believers in Christ. They received me and the teaching quite warmly. For some the teaching that believers actually have a measure of authority over disease and demons—and that we must command them in addition to praying—was a revelation. When it came time to actually heal the sick, the power of the Lord was present. Some of the believers could even feel the heat (of the Holy Spirit) through the laying on of hands for healing. One couple, Joe and Lucille, were doubly blessed. Joe was freed from a constant ringing in his ears, and Lucille was healed of painful arthritis in her knees which had limited her freedom of movement. Both testified during choir rehearsal on Sunday morning.

Hearing, sciatica in leg

Praise the Lord!!! Joy and I continue to be bold in the church office–laying hands on the sick and needy who show up. God is working!! Recently I prayed for our instrumental director to receive his hearing–he was so touched by God that he could not move for awhile. He said his hearing and the buzzing in his ears have definitely improved.

I also prayed for my Catholic mother-in-Law while on a visit in Florida because she had sciatica in her left leg so bad that she could hardly walk. Immediately the pain left her and we both went for one mile power walks for the next two days–even I was amazed as I had to work really hard to keep up with her. She is saved and in love with Jesus–so it must have been “His” sovereign will. I sought desperately for an opportunity to pray for my father-in-law and possibly lead him to Christ–but the Lord never opened the door for me to do so. When it is time–I will trust the Lord to provide that for me.

Your ministry has changed my life. I now have the boldness to do what I have believed for years. How I thank the Lord for you and for your obedience to Him.





I also wanted to let you know about a healing I recently witnessed. A couple of weeks ago I was visiting a plant nursery, discussing landscaping plans. The woman helping me complained continually about her allergies and was suffering intensely. I offered to pray for her, and she agreed but continued to discuss plants. Finally when it was time to leave, I told her I could not leave before praying for her. I laid hands on her and commanded all infirmity, allergies, congestion, etc. to leave in Jesus’ Name. Then I commanded health and wholeness into her in His Name. She felt immediate relief. She said she was feeling much better and grinned from ear to ear. She is a believer in the Lord. I advised her to continue to confess her healing, not her illness. And she agreed. Thank you, Lord.

Thank you for encouraging us to step out in faith to strangers with God’s healing touch. He is faithful to His word. And many are blessed, especially me. Glory to God!


Hi, Pastor…I can use what you taught me last time at the retreat to win souls! I ministered to my friend who had been having episodes of pain and discomfort in her stomach for about 4 years. Once when I was with her, it happened and so I asked her to pray, I laid my hands on stomach, after that I asked her how was her feeling. She said that it was better. Then I waited several hours and asked her again how she felt, and she answered, “no more pain!” Whenever I call her and ask if it ever came back, her answer is “no, never again at all.” Her sickness is gone…Hallelujah….God works among us! I’m very happy that now I can minister to other people too. I want to say thank you for teaching us how to heal the sick and cast out spirits that cause disease. I’m very happy I was able to attend the Florida retreat last November. Thank you, Pastor. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!




Your teaching was SO anointed! Praise the Lord!!! That first brother you ministered to, Steve, keeps pressing in but he is “wobbly” still in his faith. I was so glad and thankful he went up and received a healing last night. That will strengthen his faith tremendously!! Also, the brother’s been using it successfully at home! The other night his wife had a terrible migraine, he laid hands on her and ministered healing as taught in the class, and she was healed instantly!!! They were both shocked. It’s so thrilling to watch my brothers turn into mighty disciples right before my eyes!! Praise the Living Lord!!! Hallelujah!!!


Testimony from meeting held at Westland Baptist Church in Katy

I thought that you would like an update on how Alesia has been doing over the past three weeks. She has had only one migraine, last Saturday, after she forgot to take her medication. This is the longest she has gone without a headache in nearly 10 years, God is great!!

I also went on a motorcycle ride yesterday with the husband of the woman your wife and Alesia prayed over concerning the swelling in her ankles. Her husband reported that there has not been any swelling for three weeks.

Thank you so much for your devotion to the Lord. I have not made the time to read the prayer and fasting book you gave to Pastor Roy Meadows. It is something that I plan to get done within the week. I will keep you posted on Alesia’s (and the other Westland church members) are doing.


Back Injury

Last weekend, faith in the name of Jesus resulted in wonderful miracles! Susan Taylor had been invited by her friend to attend our Seminar on Public Power Encounters held at the Encourager Church on Saturday. In 1991 Susan had suffered a severe back injury. By 1995 she would need back surgery on her vertebra L4 through S1. Her condition was not corrected, so in 1997 her doctors performed a 360 degree fusion on the same affected vertebra in a second surgical operation. A year later complications due to scar tissue caused her appendix to rupture. To aggravate her painful condition, Susan’s car last May knocked over an electric utility pole, severing live electrical cables which fell around her vehicle spewing sparks and electric current. In this accident she injured her knee, head, and, of course, her back. Another traffic accident compounded her suffering last month.
By last Saturday morning, Susan had agreed to attend our Seminar, but told her friend that they would have to buy a cot for her to lie down on during the Seminar. She didn’t want to endure the pain sitting on the church pew; the cot would make the pain a bit more bearable. For all practical purposes, she was disabled—she couldn’t sit, lie down flat on her back, crawl, or do housework. Sadly, she couldn’t spend time playing with her five-year-old daughter, who had begun to feel rejected by her mother.

Susan listened attentively as I taught in the morning session. When I announced I was going to demonstrate what I had just taught, she knew the Lord was going to heal her—she had great faith in Jesus. She dragged herself forward before anyone else had a chance to respond. As she stood before me, I noticed she was constantly shifting back and forth from one leg to the other. Susan explained to me that she had to do this to minimize the pain in her legs from neuralgia when she stood up.

I laid my hand on her back, and commanded the pain to go, and her back to be healed in the name of Jesus. Then I asked her how she felt. She said the pain was completely gone! In front of everyone, she got down on her knees, crawled, turned over to lie on her back, put her body through various contortions to test it…there was no pain! Faith in the name of Jesus had healed her. In the most touching moment of all, her little five-year-old, seeing her mother free to move around for the first time, ran up to her to play and cuddle on her lap! The little girl crawled over and under her mother with glee…Susan was now free to enjoy playing with her child. Praise the Lord!

Perforated Eardrum

At a Seminar held at a local Episcopal Church early this summer, I instructed a believer named Carol Evans how to minister healing to a sister named Linda Hollibaugh. She had suffered severe hearing loss due to a perforated eardrum. This is Linda’s recent report….

“I wanted you to know I had my follow-up appointment with Dr. David Devorkin on Wednesday and the perforation in my left ear is completely healed and he has discharged me from his care! He told me on Wednesday that my case was really unusual, that healing would occur 6 months after the initial perforation occurred, without surgery [the healing] is unbelievable… a first for him…I shared with him that the Bible is full of documented healings…and that the same power that God gave his believers then, is still available to us today if we will only receive it by faith!”

Linda added that when her doctor tested her hearing, the left ear that the Lord healed could hear even better than the right ear that was normal!



Ovarian Cyst

This is a testimony reported by Jaime and Ed Chau, Baptist believers in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, who hosted the Seminar on Public Power Encounters in their home last March. Early last May a couple from China named Jack and Yan came to their Friday night Bible Study for the first time to hear the gospel. The following week Yan discovered that she had a cyst in her ovary and liver, and because a blood test showed her “cancer index” to be three times higher than normal, the doctor wanted to do a quick biopsy, followed by possible surgery to remove the ovary. She called Jaime to request prayer for healing.

Yan came to the Bible Study on the following Friday, and confessed to believing Jesus. Afterwards Ed and Jaime laid hands on her, and prayed over her for the forgiveness of sins and for physical healing. Jaime felt great peace in her heart for Yan. Nevertheless, the surgery had already been scheduled for May 29. By faith, Ed and Jaime repeatedly encouraged Yan to postpone the surgery, believing that the Lord had done something wonderful. She consented and called her doctor to cancel the surgery.

Yan was given a blood test, and the results were completely normal. On June 1st she underwent an ultrasound, and the cyst was nowhere to be found. The doctors simply could not believe that the previous ultrasound had showed the presence of a cyst, but when they examined it, there was the cyst! They could not explain where it had gone. The Lord had shown His mercy to Yan through the laying on of the hands of his servants, Ed and Jaime Chau.


Lower Back & Hip

Jaime came to a Sunday Service at a Chinese Baptist Church with a lower back problem that kept her from physical exercise. But at the meeting, I laid my hand on her and prayed over her in Jesus’ name. She started to test her back, twisting it this way and that, and jumping up and down. The Lord had healed her! Jaime writes…

“It was such encouraging to see you at Northwest Chinese Baptist Church during my visit to Houston, and most of all I want to thank God for healing my lower back and hip through your prayer. I was so excited to see with my own eyes that how God heals through His faithful servant, and I was so grateful that I could experience His miracle healing upon me. I went to see my specialist on Monday for my appointment and told him about what had happened to me in Houston. Unfortunately he would not believe it, but he proved that I can start doing exercise now. Yesterday, I finally went to gym after I had been ordered to stop exercises for almost two months, I felt great!”

Breast Tumor

Jaime also had a breast tumor, and an operation was scheduled to remove the tumor. She believes she was miraculously healed of the tumor, as she read an email containing a healing prayer sent to her by my wife Lucille. Afterwards, she was on her way to the Operating Room when the doctors took one last test, and they could not longer find the tumor. The operation was cancelled!

Upper Back & Acupressure

At the closing moments of our service in church this morning, a brother whom I knew was a committed believer tapped me on my shoulder and asked me to pray over him. On top of a degenerative upper back condition he suffered as the consequence of an auto accident, he also had symptoms of scoliosis. As a result he suffered from continuous pain and could not even sit comfortably in the church pew. I laid my hands on his upper back and with the authority given by Christ to believers commanded the back to be healed and the pain to go in the name of Jesus. Expecting the pain to be less, I asked him if he felt better. No, he said. A bit surprised, I ministered to him again. Suddenly, my wife, seated just a few feet away, felt an explosion of excruciating pain in her chest. Seconds later came another detonation of pain. The brother still felt no improvement. After the third time, although he felt no more pain in the area where I had laid my hands, he still felt tightness in an adjacent area. By this time, I was a bit perplexed.

He then mentioned that he had been under treatment by a practitioner of acupressure. The gentleman was a Buddhist who was trained by a Shao-Lin Temple Kung Fu Master in the art of “inner power.” When this man applied pressure with his hands on the brother’s upper back, he could feel the power enter his body and he actually felt “better.” I told him that although there appeared to be improvement, this power was not of God. Immediately the brother asked the Lord for forgiveness, and renounced the treatment. Once again I laid my hands on him, and commanded the spirit of infirmity to leave. This time there was a powerful release, and he testified that he had not felt so well in a long time.

A word of caution to Christians: do not seek treatment from practitioners of acupuncture or acupressure in which “inner power” or “chi” or “chi-kung” are employed. All of these involve demon powers. The frightening pain that attacked my wife as I forcefully prayed over the brother was very likely caused by the demons afflicting his back. They did not have to leave until after the brother renounced his sin, and showed their anger toward us by lashing out at my wife.

Lower Back

At our Seminar on Public Power Encounters last Saturday in Houston, we witnessed the Lord move powerfully through “ordinary” believers. A faithful brother who worships at Chinese Baptist Church, William Gaw, had brought his brother’s uncle for prayer. John Shaw fought in the Vietnam War and had suffered a serious, nearly fatal, wound to his lower back. For years John had endured continuous pain and numbness in his legs. His wife was concerned that, because of the pain, he would not be able to sit through the daylong Seminar.

Near the end of the morning session, I called William and John forward. I instructed William to lay hands on John and to minister as had been taught during the session. During the prayer, John felt an extraordinarily comforting sensation move in his lower back and legs. Never before had he experienced God’s healing power in such a way. After the prayer, John stood up from his seat with relative ease (something he could not do before) and walked back and forth at the front of the auditorium with no trace of a limp. He testified excitedly that there was no more pain or numbness in his legs…praise the Lord! Later on in the Seminar, the Lord used other “common” believers in a wonderful and scriptural way to minister healing to others with infirmities who had come.

Hearing Problems 

At the Abiding Faith Baptist Church in September, 2001, I ministered at their Annual Prayer Conference. At the end of the teaching, eight people with hearing impairment came forward for prayer. I called eight of the conference attendees forward to minister to them just as Jesus did (Mark 7:32-35), by putting their fingers into the impaired ears, and commanding the ears to “be opened in Jesus name!” All eight reported that their hearing had been restored.

At the Friday night Session, Deacon Maurice Flowers had been suffering from pain in his lower back and hip for twenty years. When Bobby Morgan (Pastor of Abiding Faith) laid hands on his back, Maurice felt something travel from his back through his leg to his toes, where he felt sudden intense pain. Then it was gone. Brother Flowers has experienced no more pain since then.

At the same conference there was a man who had a heart condition, which made it difficult for him to get up. After healing prayer, he was able to bend over and touch his knees three or four times. His heart was healed.

Hearing Problems

I was ministering at Shepherd House (Baptist) Church and sharing with the congregation about how God will perform miracles, signs and wonders in countries such as Africa and Egypt. I began to explain to the people that God’s power comes forth so that the fame of Jesus will go forth in a land that is in darkness; the Lord also performs healing as a witness to the lost for the salvation of their soul. I shared how I had been on the mission field in Africa and saw the Lord heal blind eyes and the lame get up out of wheelchairs and walk. In the course of my sharing, the Lord touched the ear of the Pastor and healed his hearing problem. Pastor Ken later shared to the congregation that when I was speaking on what the Lord did 2½ years ago on the mission field, the Lord confirmed that this was real by miraculously healing his ear. As a Baptist pastor, he now knows that the power of the Lord is still working. After that the Pastor asked if any one else needed the Lord to touch them and the Lord touched 5 more people with his healing power. Praise the Lord!!!!

—Donna Elms- Missionary to the Nations, Sunday April 21, 2002