From Karen & Patrick Warren

Missionaries to the San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz, Mexico

A friend gave me this information and I thought it powerful. So I am teaching it to the church and they are growing spiritually because of it. I have been putting your teaching into practice by walking in the authority Jesus gave us and healing the sick. Just about everyone I have prayed over were healed! I think the enemy is listening and having to obey Jesus in Me!

I would like to know if you happen to have this material in Spanish. It would be verybeneficial if you did. I appreciate you getting the message out! Thanks!

We are missionaries in Mexico, the San Andres Tuxtla, Veracruz area to be specific. I am thoroughly enjoying your teaching by the way! I used to walk in this authority but noticed through this teaching, somehow I wandered away from it. Thanks for the refresher course! It is changing lives here!