March 2017 Report from USA-based Pastor Colonel who trained with The Elijah Challenge

Here is a note provided by Pastor Ravi Daniel in Faisalabad, Pakistan.  This was the first time, as far as I know, a live stream training webinar has ever occurred in Pakistan. He included photos of the event.  In a few of the photos you may see the computer and the ear buds he used to perform the translation into Urdu.

-Pastor Colonel (who broadcast the webinar from Tennessee)
Seedtime Harvest Ministries

Pastor Ravi Daniel in Pakistan wrote:

“Greetings in the glorious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is a great pleasure for us to share with you our story about the recent live steam School of Authority Evangelism training seminar that Pastor Colonel provided to us in Pakistan from the USA.  It is a really solid soul winning resource that helps makes disciples. It also trained us on how to become more fruitful for soul winning in Pakistan.  We were able to train 50 to 55 people how to evangelize like Jesus and the disciples did in the Bible. And during this training we learned and performed many miracles and signs of wonders in the Jesus name.


  • A girl was healed from head pain and another was healed from pain in her arm.
  • One girl was healed from back pain, another young girl was healed from demons while another women was healed from stomach pain
  • Two women were healed from back pain and another women was healed from her foot pain.
  • A man and a woman was healed from joint pains while another man received healing from his back pain and an old man received healing from his leg pain.


Elderly gentleman testifies his leg pain has disappeared with Pastor Ravi at left

Woman’s knees and leg healed through the laying on of hands by believers

During the School of Authority Evangelism Jesus really touch people.  We have never received any training like this nor have we seen training produce so many miracles. However, there were many who were shy to tell about their testimonies in front of other people.  For example, the man who received his healing on the first day from his back pain did not share what had happened to him.  After he received his healing he return on the third day trusting Jesus with a very difficult family problem which he shared with Pastor Colonel.  Pastor Colonel used the authority of Jesus and God answered the prayer and gave the family a mighty victory!  Praise God!



We are praying for Pastor Colonel daily and we would like to do more live stream webinar training in Pakistan so that we may have more disciples trained in the School of Authority Evangelism so that we may win more souls for the kingdom of God.  We are praying and waiting for the next event.”

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Ravi Daniel
Model Prayer Church
Faisalabad, Pakistan