Jaimie Alonso
, Vancouver, Canada

Jaimie Alonso Reports

Indonesia: August 16th to September 4th, 2012

This was my 2nd time back to Indonesia to teach the The Elijah Challenge Course. I have been ministering in this country since 1987. Because of the msms influence, almost all of the training is to the underground church and contextual workers. The islands of Bali and Sumbawa seem to have a little more freedom than Lombok. The Gospel continues to be shared through different ministries despite the opposition.

On this trip I was able to train about 300 workers on 3 islands in 2 1/2 weeks. There were 5 seminars for 2 to 3 days each with over 70 healings. Many cataracts, tumors, backs, and folks suffering with arthritis were healed. At almost every session there was a demonic manifestation. Having said this there were 3 outstanding highlights.

1. When I landed in Indonesia I first visited the island of Bali. I was greeted by a missionary couple from Brazil. In the evening they took me to visit 3 families to minister healing. The 2nd of these families are msms and live in a msm community. The missionaries have been sharing with this family about Isa Almasih. I was introduced to “mom and dad”. They are about 60 plus years old and were in need of healing. “Mom” had severe allergies and nasal congestion. “Dad” had breathing challenges, heart problems, diabetes and a lack of energy.

I asked them about Isa Almasih. They knew a little about Him. I told them that I was a follower of Isa and I believed that they could be healed in the name of Isa Almasih [Jesus Christ in the Arabic language].

In my heart I had some doubt as to the power of Isa Almasih being the same as the power in Jesus name. Up to this time it was just a good teaching and that  both names had equal power. I had no real experience of commanding healing in the name of Isa….

We first laid hands on “Mom’s” sinus area. To my excitement there was immediate relief as her sinus areas was completely restored. She said she experienced heat in her nasal passages as the healing took place.

Next was “Dad”. We ministered 3 times for all of his challenges. We witnessed a dramatic change in his appearance as he testified that his breathing was restored and he seemed to have a new energy come into his body!

Continued follow up and ministry is ongoing in this msm community by the couple from Brazil.

The next morning I flew to Lombok where I was immediately taken to a ladies home bible study for a mini training and healings. The next day we headed by car and ferry to the island of Sumbawa.  Travel time about 12 hours. The course was taught in 3 different cities during the end of Ramadan.

2. In the city of S……, I was invited by contextual workers to visit another msm village just outside of the city. This husband and wife team were trained by me in The Elijah Challenge course in 2011 on the island of Lombok. Again I was invited into a msm home. There were about 20 folks inside the home waiting to meet me. The intent was to minster to a stroke victim that was dying due to his throat closing. He could not eat any solid food and had not eaten for a month. His right arm was paralyzed and walking was very poor. I asked the group questions about Isa Almasih. They told me that He was the healing Prophet. Also one man said that he thought that Isa could forgive sin. I told these folks that I was a follower of Isa and I believed to prove to them that Isa Almasih could forgive their sins we could ask Him to heal the sick that were here today. First challenge was the stroke victim. I laid my hands on his throat, then on his arm and next on his legs. After 2 or 3 attempts there was flexibility back to his arm, he was able to walk and the contextual worker had began to feed him some solid food. As I watched him through the afternoon his strength seemed to get stronger and stronger as he continued to eat. 

Next there was an older “grandpa” that was blind. I placed my thumbs on his eyes and I asked everyone present to stretch their hands towards the “grandpa” and command healing in the name of Isa Almasih. The first attempt brought partial healing as he could only see and count my fingers. So again and with the help of their faith, myself and this msm family commanded healing again. The result was FANTASTIC as his sight was restored! All this done in the name of Isa Almasih. All totaled there were 8 folks healed in this house. I heard a report back from the contextual worker that over 10 folks in the house wanted to hear more about Isa Almasih. We were invited to stay for lunch and enjoyed a variety of meats and vegetables. I went to visit another home in this village and ministered healing there as well.

The work that is being done by underground and contextual workers in the country on Indonesia is tremendous! But the job, as elsewhere in the world is still huge. The Great Commission is being done at a very slow pace. As a challenge to those wanting to be involved in this area of the world, I would challenge you to consider teaching English as a Second Language  as a strategy to reach the msm world or any “world” for that matter.

3. The next Sunday morning we ministered in a jail in B….., five young men came to the service. All five said they were Christians but not one had any confidence in where they would go when they died. I shared the Gospel with them  and talked about repentance as a key to their sincerity to following Jesus. It was a very dramatic time as these young men wept openly as they asked the Lord to forgive their sins and ask Jesus into their hearts. I then asked if anyone had any need for healing. 1 man came forward. He was healed of back pain. I then did a mini workshop with these new believers and sent them out back into the jail yard as missionaries to the jail. 

It is interesting as you never really know who you will meet or what their challenge is. In the jail one of the young men was sentenced to 11 months in jail as a result of a motorbike accident where someone had died. It was a total accident. Before coming to jail this young man was the winner of a “Christian Singing Contest”. I think similar to the “American Idol” format. Because of the accident he is now labeled a criminal of sorts and is dealing with possible bitterness and confessed anger because of the accident. I was able to talk to him about this. What I believe was of real importance was that on this day his personal history was changed as a result of us coming to the jail. His history was changed by having being assured of his salvation and witnessing a man’s back healed. He will be able to minister as a new child of God in the prison. This is what we have been called to do as born again believers. We are to change the history of every nation, tribe and tongue through those folks that hear the Gospel and  witness healings to prove that Jesus is the only way to the Father.