“We had a new experience in a village called Lankagarh in Kandhamal District where there was a Church of North India (CNI) Church. It was at the very top of a hill. Since there was no access road we reached the village only after a very long, painful walk into the hilly area of 30 kilometers.  Let me just share with you briefly about this village where during the persecution the church was destroyed and the pastor had to flee. From that time on the believers were without a pastor. The villagers began to rebuild the church, but could not complete it due to lack of funds.

One of the evangelists from that village attended last year’s Elijah Challenge Training, and so he had been encouraging the village to host the Training. We had a good time of fellowship with the servant of God and with over sixty young delegates. One senior elder who was healed instantly informed me that he had never heard or seen such a teaching resulting in miraculous healing in Jesus’ name.

By Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Jena
Reports from Subodh

A senior elder named Jacub was not able to get up from his bed because of arthritis. He was unable to walk. His body was in pain. His granddaughter asked him to attend the meeting. We ministered to him after the teaching, and the Lord healed him. After that he testified of what the Lord had done for him. At the end of the meeting he came forward again to testify that he had been having high blood pressure and diabetes.  But as he sat listening to all the teaching he felt that all the infirmities had disappeared.

Jacub testifying the Lord has healed him

An elderly mother named Nirupama had pain in one leg for a few years. The pain was so severe that she had not gone to church for the last month. But when our trained servants of God ministered to her, the pain left and she began to walk.

Nirupama being ministered to by disciples

An elderly man named Rahul had chest pain. During the training we ministered to him, and the Lord healed him instantly. He then testified.

Nahul testifying

A young man named Markus who was also a very good singer had a throat infection.  After we ministered to him he felt the Lord’s healing touch in his throat and he was able to sing again.

Markus testifying

A young sister named Sunita also had throat infection along with swelling and pain. But the Lord healed her instantly.

Sunita testifying

Subhadini was suffering from asthma and was not able to breathe properly. After walking a few meters she would have a problem breathing and would begin to perspire. At the meeting she sat for a long time but did not have any problem. The itching she usually had on her head had stopped. The Lord had healed her.

Subhadini testifying

Another testimony

Thank you so much for your prayer and support for us to reach this unreached place, and to train and equip the servants of God for the Great Commission. Praise God for His grace and mercy.”