Reports from Albert Kang

 March 8, 2009
9:30 AM Sunday Worship Service
Christian Praise Center
Kuantan, Pahang

The congregation in Christian Praise Center is made up of both English-speaking and Chinese-speaking Christians and so their worship approach is most unique. They would all sing in Mandarin then in English. Then simultaneously, the congregation sings in both English and Mandarin. There is no confusion and to us, the worship sounds very good. Three Elders run Christian Praise Center with the help of departmental heads and other leaders. We met Elder Tan and Elder Wong but do not get to meet the third elder. These men of God are working in the secular fields but they are just as dedicated in serving the flock as the full-time pastors.

In my sermon, I encourage the church to continue in their faith-walk and to win many souls. After the message, I invite the trained believers to come forth so as to heal the sick. By this time, the infirm have been asked to identify themselves. They quickly come forward to occupy a row of chairs placed at the front in the altar area. As most of these infirm are Christians, I explain that healing would be conditional – they have to get right with Jesus and also to forgive people who hurt them. Healing, on the other hand, for the unbelievers is not conditional because God intends to show these people His power and authority. I invite Elder Tan to lead the infirm in a prayer of confession and repentance.

The trained believers are ready and eager to exercise their ‘authority to heal’. As mentioned in previous healing reports, the Elijah Challenge ministry only teaches people how to use their God-given ‘authority to heal’. We do not teach or impart the ‘gift of healing’. The trained believers ask the infirm about their ailments. After the interview, these Elijah Challengers confidently place their hands on the infirm people. They follow me in commanding the diseases and pain to leave. As I speak forth each command, the trained disciples repeat with vigor. The faith of these trained believers has attracted divine attention. God is there and miracles must happen.

I have one requirement – that if people who are healed, they must come forth to give their testimonies. After so many healing services, I am still thrilled in seeing all these miracles. Quite a number of people with arthritic knees are miraculously healed. Many could not bend their knees without pain but now they are bending and kicking their legs up with ease. Those with long-term back pain are healed instantly. When they testify, they bend their backs and swing their bodies vigorously to the left then to the right. Every one of them smiles and declares that the pain is miraculously gone.

A lady, with congested lungs, demands loudly that she wants to be healed. Her breathing is difficult and she coughs often. As an Elijah Challenger lays hand on her chest and takes authority, the lady is instantly healed. The congestion and cough just somehow vanish into thin air. A man, with frozen shoulder, raises his arm repeatedly to prove that he has received healing. A number of ladies with shoulder pain are thrilled by their healing. A lady could not close her fingers to form a fist. However, after the healing session, her damaged hand receive healing She shows us that she now can close her fingers to form a lose fist. We believe that as she trusts God, her hand will be completely healed and she will be able to form a firm fist.

Those with migraine headaches also found instant relief from pain. Two trained believers disregard their own pain and go forth to heal others in the name of Jesus. To their amazement, while the healing power touches others, it also touches them. They themselves receive miraculous healing and their pain suddenly ceases to exist. Some of the infirm people have endured all types of pain for many years. However, when they trust God enough to believe that miracles can happen in their lives, they receive their healing.

When we left Christian Praise Center, we rejoiced in our spirits that the God of the Gospel and Book of Acts is still working miracles through all His children. We do not need to depend on the ‘healing evangelists’ to conduct special healing services. The ordinary Christians can heal the infirm and share the Gospel by themselves (Luke 10).


Pastor Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia