Orissa, the poorest state in India, is dominated by Hindus

Other reports from Pastor Subodh

President of Rayagada Baptist Union invites Subodh to minister

“The Almighty God did a mighty miracle there at Rayagada. Though the Rayagada Baptist people are not much acquainted with healing miracles and other manifestations but God has done the great thing by healing many of the believers.

There was an aged woman who was operated on her back due to severe pain. She was not able to sit and do anything. And especially she was not able to sit and eat. But when I ministered to her she was completely healed right there. In the evening they called me to their house and told that after a long time she could sit and eat. In the same way another woman had chest pain for many days and she was healed right there.

This was the first time I introduced John 14:12 to the Baptist believers—how we all can use the authority which Jesus taught in the four Gospels. I was very glad to see the response and they fully agreed with me. If the believers, pastors and evangelists can undergo this teaching that will be very helpful for their ministry.

Once a month if we can conduct a teaching session for the Baptist believers and for the field workers then surely hundreds of new souls will be added in to His kingdom.

A few years ago I did not have any knowledge of miraculous healing even though I had a long duration of theological training in a Seminary but after attending your first Training in 2003, I could experience the teaching of Jesus Christ practically. Now I fully believe in God that He will use me with His power and strength.”

Above: Believers at Baptist Union in Rayagada, Orissa

Above & below: Baptist ladies testifying of their healing by the Lord