“We had a fruitful Elijah Challenge Training last week in a small town where around 70 servants of God participated along with some youths. Praise the Lord that He has enabled us to train the servants God to be more fruitful in their ministries. They were in need of such teaching to reach out to the lost effectively.

There was an older woman named Usha Rani who was unable to walk due to a condition requiring orthosis. She was afraid to walk because she was afraid of falling. At the Training Event she experienced the power of God (feeling like “electricity”) when we ministered to her. I asked to walk around and around in the church, walking with her to test her healing. She was totally healed, and was so very happy. See her in the photos below testifying and walking freely.



A pastor named Jiten was not able to see clearly at over forty years of age. He could not make out the print in his Bible and other books as well. After we ministered to him along with the other servants of God, he was able to see properly with no difficulty. We asked him to read a passage from the Bible, and he did so. Praise the Lord.

 A young brother named Rabindra had been unable to raise his hand for three months. He felt severe pain. After we ministered to him he was healed. He was able to move his hand here and there without any pain at all.   

For a long time a sister named Gita had a pain in her knee due to a tear. The moment she got up the pain would start. She had taken a lot of medication and applied various ointments without any results. When our trained sisters ministered to her she was instantly healed. There was no more pain.

 A pastor named Harsha had a problem with both eyes including his head. His head and eyes would hurt, and his eyes would tear. The Lord healed him instantly when the servants of God ministered to him.

Thank you so much for praying and supporting us in training the servants of God.”

March 2017 Report from The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India