Reports from Kurt & Mary Simms

“Last week as I arrived home it was on my mind to return a generator that one of my customers had loaned to me. I loaded the generator onto my truck and my wife told me that the man had called that day wondering if power had been restored to our home after the hurricane—it had already been restored two weeks prior to his call. I returned his generator that evening and apologized for the delay in returning it. I had been working 16 hours a day restoring power to people all over Houston after the hurricane. As we unloaded the generator, he told me that he had had knee surgery and he was in constant pain when he applied his weight on it. He told me that the doctor had operated microscopically on his meniscus, some ligaments and tendons. I offered him some cash for the use of his generator. But he would not take it and told me to give it to my church.

So I began to witness to him. He told me he grew up in church, but had admitted he had backslidden. I began to tell him that it was not about going to church, but a condition of his heart and told him about sin, God’s righteousness, judgment, and the Cross. I told him my story of God supernaturally calling me to Him on my own jobsite. He was amazed and asked a lot of questions. After that I told him that I would like to pray over his knee and he said at this point he would not turn down anything to get relief. I commanded it once to be healed in Jesus’ name and I told him to try it out and walk. He was amazed how much better it was. So I commanded it a second time, and all the pain was gone. He was so excited. I ministered to him some of God’s word, gave him one of my Bibles and told him that he needed to get alone with God tonight and repent and follow Him—to read His Word and obey what it says. As we parted I knew things were different than at first.”

Skin of elderly gentleman instantly restored & much more

“I would like to share a testimony of the Lord’s kindness. I was at an elderly customer’s house doing electrical repairs. After I finished I visited with him for he was a previous customer and a believer. The gentleman is 84 years old and has many medical problems such as congestive heart failure, pernicious anemia, ruptured hernia 3 times, arthritis in his hands, his legs from the knees down were swollen, and the skin was very red and hard like fish scales. There were too many problems to list. I had prayed for him around 3 years ago not totally knowing what I have since learned from The Elijah Challenge training.

I took authority and rebuked the spirits of infirmities and commanded healing in his legs, hands, heart, blood, and other parts of his body. I told him to keep his eyes open and to watch as I commanded. Immediately he told me that he felt power going through his legs; his skin changed before our eyes. On his left leg the skin changed from hard and rough to white, smooth, and soft. The right leg was getting better but more slowly. His hands were able to function perfectly with no pain. I called the next day to check on him and he told me that he hadn’t slept that well in years. He did wake up in the night and it was as if he could feel my hands on his legs and could feel the Holy Spirit was still working on him. I will be returning to minister to him again very soon.”