Neil Pressley trained with Elijah Challenge in New York & New Jersey
July 2013 

A woman by the name of Becky called me this evening.  I did not know her…she had obtained my contact number from your website.  She informed me that she had a nerve condition which caused her to be in much pain to the point she would need to quit her job. She said the pain was in her face, neck, hands, and legs. I asked if she felt pain at that moment, and she said yes.  

Then I asked her to lay her hand on the areas that were hurting. My wife and I began to take authority and issue commands from a distance. Becky said she could feel tingling her hands, but there was still a little pain. I explained to her that the tingling might from the healing power of God [as in Mark 5:30] and that “the mountain was moving.” My wife and I repeated the process. Becky said that the tingling had increased, but that the pain had ceased.

The woman was healed…and there was no “drama” [that we often see in our African-American church traditions]!!!