Testimonies from monthly Kingdom Vision Outreach in Katy, Texas
September 2014

Dennis wrote: “Sue and I prayed over William (originally from Cameroon). He told me that when we prayed over the problem in his shoulder that he felt lightness come upon him from his shoulders and up. Then the pain left and he could do things he could not do prior to prayer, like lifting his arm up all the way. We took him to Walmart and got him a pair of pants.”

Sue wrote: “The man from Cameroon (William who has been here for 10 years) had a shoulder problem. It had been hurting him for quite some time. After commanding healing in the name of Jesus over his shoulder a couple of times, the pain was completely gone!  Praise the Lord. He also was in need of a particular size pants for work. We didn’t have it so we took him to the store and found a couple pair of what he needed. He was very grateful and thankful to for the Lord’s provisions. 

Another young man had knee pain and it had been with him for a long time. After praying over him in Jesus’ name, his pain was gone! He was very amazed and thankful as we gave praise to Jesus. He also had a 12-year-old daughter who had run away and he asked for prayer for her also. He said they will begin again going to a church in their area and thank the Lord!”

Dennis added: “When Linda prayed over Arturo’s knee, I saw him lurch from the waist up as if something had jolted him. Linda couldn’t see it as she was laying hands on his knee. I told her and others about it. Cynthia told Arturo through an interpreter that it was the Holy Spirit touching him, and he could expect healing to occur in his knee. Arturo was old and had difficulty finding work.”


Report from Sue
October 2, 2014

“I wanted to send a report about our adventure today.

Rosemary asked that we pray over a lady at a nursing home who has cancer. Upon arrival, we met a lady sitting out front on the porch. After greeting her we asked if she had anything she would like prayer for.  She told us that she had some pain in her upper chest area (breast) and Carolyn asked if she had had surgery on the area.  She confirmed that she had. We prayed over the pain and any trauma.  After that, she also mentioned she also had diabetes and her feet would hurt at night a lot.  So we all laid hands on her and in the name of Jesus began commanding the pain to leave as well as the diabetes.

After a few times, her leg jerked up and startled us!  As we laid hands on her again, her leg continued to jerk up.  Tears streamed down her face, and she said the pain was gone.  We believe the Holy Spirit was at work, and the spirit of infirmity and diabetes had left her.

Then we proceeded into the nursing home to find the lady we came to visit.  After listening to her story for a little bit, we asked if we could pray over her and she was grateful.  She had a really bad sinus headache at the time and she could barely lift her head because of the pain.

In Jesus’ name we commanded her to be healed of the cancer, the headache, and many emotional issues as well.  After about five times, we asked her how she was feeling.  At first she said she didn’t like to go by her feelings. …But then she sat up in bed, and her headache was getting less and finally gone!  She had more peace and hope which was a huge mountain to move after 5 years of the ‘mess’ she is in.

God is so gracious and we are glad to be His servants to whom He has entrusted much!” 

-The Army of God