February 28, 2010

Bulawayo was a good trip and much teaching was done. We were with Pastor Kimberly Dube and his lovely wife and church leaders to make a total of 45 folks whom Butch trained. Butch taught 2 sessions each day for about four hours each with a translator. The pastors were very receptive to the teaching and we could see their enthusiasm grow. We were at the newest of Pastor Dube’s church plants where eight visitors made a profession of faith and witnessed miracles of healing (headaches, knee injuries, etc.). Although there were setbacks with power outages and chasing an 8-inch rat out of our bedroom, it was a productive time and we are so thrilled and humbled to be a part of this great work.


Report from Kimberly Dube in August 2010

“When the man of God Butch Berner was here with his wife, we had a blessed time. The teachings opened our eyes much in the ministry of healing. The lovely thing is that it went together with practicals both by the teacher and students.

There were different churches in the training. But in my church we set aside a “Miracle Sunday” every month at the end of the month for the healing of the sick. We have the sick brought in and we conduct healing and deliverance. It is awesome and has become a tool for winning many into the church.

I am happy in that most of my relatives have been recruited into our church due to Miracle Sunday which is a direct child of the Elijah Challenge Training. We have all the people minister healing and deliverance to those in need. My sister who was very close to death is gradually recovering and can now walk on her own, something she was not able to do before. She can now eat normally, but before she used to vomit nonstop every time she ate.

There is a church where Butch preached which is in the old mining place. We see lots of miracles there, especially deliverance. Many have been recruited into that assembly due to healing reports and rumours all around.

We are actually having another healing and deliverance ministry on Thursday and Friday night this week. I am actually very high in faith concerning healing now compared to before.”