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Manly and Junko

Manly trained with The Elijah Challenge online and in person (2012-2014)

“We just finished up with our last trip to the Philippians and had a wonderful time ministering to the many pastors from the mountains and jungles of the Tagum, Digos and Davao region.

We saw God’s hand working with the youth and those that were healed and released from bondage. For example, a Lady who was mute and unable to talk now speaks along with a wonderful very big smile and joy. An elderly lady with heart problems now rejoicing in her health, along with a 16-year-old earlier in the hospital with cancer now at home healed.

2018 was a wonderful year and we saw God’s mighty hand working in many lives. God is still the same yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow, changing lives with His mighty love and power unto salvation.”

December 2018

“We are seeing cancer healed miraculously on a consistent basis”

Unclean spirits driven out in the name of Jesus at a distance of 5,000 miles

Christmas 2013 update from Okinawa, Japan

Miraculous healings & The Elijah Challenge Training in Japan

May 2013 Report: miraculous healings & The Elijah Challenge Training

Missionary tentmaker in gospel-resistant Japan heals the sick in Jesus’ name

November 2013

Report received from American Bakery Plant Manager/Missionary Manly Slough in Japan, who trained with The Elijah Challenge via internet video. His Japanese wife Junko ministers by his side.

“God has been good and we are now teaching The Elijah Challenge at three different locations in Okinawa and will be starting to teach on Ishigaki Island next month.  

Okinawa: Broken hand healed We had a gentleman who came to a meeting with his hand all bandaged up after going to the hospital.  He had broken his hand the day before so it was very sensitive to touch, he couldn’t move his fingers, and was in some pain.  The church took authority for his healing and he said his hand had become very hot and that the pain was gone.  Also, he was able to move his fingers without any pain nor was it sensitive and he was able to shake hands with several people as he joyfully proclaimed his healing.  

Okinawa: Badly-sprained ankle healed An elderly lady (in her 70’s) also came to the same meeting, whom a week prior we had lead in a prayer of repentance and came against her past involvement with idol worship and to release her from her past activities in ancestral worship.  This week, she arrived after having gone to the hospital with her ankle bandaged up.  She had fallen and had a very bad sprained ankle which did not allow her to walk very well without some assistance.  The church came together and exercised their given authority for her healing.  Afterwards, she said her leg was tingling and she got up and started walking without any pain. It was humorous to watch her walking around the church testing her ankle rejoicing that her pain was gone and she was able to walk.  “It works”, to her amassment to the prayer of healing. “It really works”. I am always amazed and delighted in seeing the expressions on the faces of those who come to the realization that God and His word are real.   

Okinawa: Chronic shoulder, neck and heart pains disappear A gentleman who had been having shoulder and neck pains for some time came up to received healing from his fellow believers.   Then that look of – “It’s gone!”  “The pain, its’ gone!”  And then, as we have become use to, the usual few minutes of testing as they would try to find the pain. “It truly is gone!”  But not only that, he informed us afterwards that he also had been suffering from heart pains which were also gone.   Then came the tears and hugs to everyone.  

Ishigaki Island: school and land dramatically set free from powerful demonic forces On Ishigaki Island, we came against and cast out evil spirits that had been coming against students, teachers and parents at school.  The results have been fantastic.  After receiving reports of many students, families, and teachers not getting along and fighting against each other, a teacher came and wanted prayer for healing.  My wife and a few others went and spoke healing to the land and cast out the enemy. We received reports almost immediately and the instant results came in many different forms.  The students were no longer fighting and were getting along.  Students asked the teacher if she had changed the lights in their class rooms because it was much brighter than before.  The air no longer seemed to be heavy. Teachers were now working together and helping each other instead of angry and fighting.  Parents also were no longer fighting against the teachers. These are just a few of the things God has been doing in our part of Japan.” Manly E. Slough [email protected]  

Earlier testimony from April 2013

“Before really getting started in teaching the Elijah Challenge training (which we will be starting next week), my wife Junko and I were able to use the method as taught in the training manual this last Sunday at church.  After church, a mother came to us with concerns for her daughter.  Her daughter (about 14 years old) was seeing strange things and was starting to have memory loss as to where or what she had been doing with periods of blacking out. 

When her daughter was brought to us for prayer she became very incoherent and sluggish of mind.   When hands were laid on her, with our eyes open, we spoke to her mind to be cleared of what was causing her to loose memory and took authority over what was causing her to have these periods of blacking outs and lapse of memory.  We came against the cause and spoke healing with authority. We believed it to be a mind binding spirit so we took authority over it and commanded it to leave and for her mind to be set free, healed and whole. 

At first, when we started praying for her, her eyes closed, she went into a trance and started mumbling in a chant.  We instructed her to open her eyes and as we prayed, her eyes slowly started to open then they “popped wide open” and she was suddenly aware of where she was.  “What happen?”  She instantly became very alert and aware of her surroundings.   “What happen?”  She stated several times as she was now a complete new person and instantly aware of her surrounding and became very mentally alert.  

She had no memory of what had happened, just that she sort of woke up and had clarity of mind as to her surrounding and what was going on.  What a big difference in her from a few minutes earlier.  Praise God.

Immediately afterwards, a gentleman came up wanting us to pray for him as he had a great pain in his left shoulder for sometime.  As we started to pray, I instructed him to open his eyes and look me in the eyes.  I laid hands on the location of his pain spoke to it to leave and instantly it was gone.  We did have some interesting manifestations but the result was that he was healed and delivered from his pain and praised God for it. The people rejoiced and several of them made the comment as to how fast the prayers were answered.  No shouting, no tongues, no rubbing, etc. 

In the past, a person may have been prayed for a long time and may or may not, for the most part, have an expected result. We praise God for what He is doing and the confidence given to those who are becoming aware of the difference between the traditional religious approach to healing and the scripture approach. I want to thank you for your dedication to scripture and being obedient to God’s call it presenting the Elijah Challenge throughout the world.”