“Since 2008, this Fijian family has been inundated with sickness and disease with attempts to steal from them their health, joy and peace.

Comprising of a husband, wife and 3 kids and since being assisted by EC (Dennis) they have experienced great improvements in overall health with medical tests coming back vastly improved and within the normal range in most cases. One in particular was of wife  suffering with hypothyroidism and recent blood results came back normal. This condition normally requires medication for a very long time if not for life. Husband continues to experience spiritual attacks of defeat despite a bad report from the doctors, but regular prayers with Dennis has helped greatly spiritually as well as physically. Where there was pain, it would dissipate, where there was fear it would subside. His recent liver function report showed close to normal function. Daughters have been thriving with great health since standing in agreement with Dennis and the EC team in prayer. Praise the Lord!

This Fijian family continues to stand firm on Gods Word as the final line of authority and in agreement with Dennis for nothing short of full restoration of health & wholeness, joy, peace, lost years  due to ill health and more love for Jesus and people in their small family prayer ministry.”