Michael Root trained with The Elijah Challenge by watching online videos in Australia
April 2013

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I live in Australia and I have watched the Elijah Training Videos both basic and advanced several years ago and then again earlier this year. I have been putting this teaching into practice as God gives opportunities and have seen several people healed, etc. I have also been trained by Ellel Ministries in prayer ministry skills which include teaching in healing and deliverance. I have been an associate ministry team member with them since 2006.

Also I have been travelling to India for about 10 years now and helping to train village Pastors in Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala states of southern India and also Sri Lanka. In March this year I taught an abbreviated version of the Elijah Challenge Basic Training principles, with practical demonstration, to Pastors and leaders in 2 locations in Karnataka State and In Goa.


After speaking at an evening service at a small church, established less than 12 months, I was asked to minister to people. 

Earlier that day I had been asked to speak that evening and I sat down and asked God what he wanted me to share. God said to speak about all the extra Gods we have and that he is the only true God. Also I felt he wanted me to speak about healing through the name of Jesus. As I was praying about how to go about this I was asking God to help me demonstrate that He was real and powerful and would heal. I saw a picture of someone with pain in their shoulder and upper arm – down to the elbow.

I ministered to a few and then when I came upon a woman that had pain in her shoulder and upper arm I knew that God wanted to heal her but through another church believer. I asked the Pastor to point out a strong lady believer to me. He did and I asked if she would be willing to pray for this woman with the pain exactly as I told her. She agreed. Through the Pastor (interpreting) I asked her to put one hand on the shoulder and the other hand on the arm just above the elbow. She did and then we commanded the pain to go in Jesus’ name, the arm and shoulder to be healed and all muscles, nerves and bones to be restored in Jesus’ name. She did this and then I asked the Pastor to ask the woman with the pain “Where is the pain?” She moved her arm & shoulder and said it is gone!

Praise God. I didn’t know it but found out then that the woman who prayed was the mother-in-law of the woman who was healed and the son had been giving both his wife and his mother a hard time about following Jesus Christ, because less than a year ago they had all been devout Brahman caste Hindus. This healing was certainly a strong testimony to him of Jesus’ power. The whole church, of about 50 rejoiced.

Even though I was speaking to pastors and leaders in the training times, my emphasis was that they needed to be ministering in this way themselves but equally they must teach their church people to minister to others with this understanding of how Jesus, the 12, the 70 and others ministered healing and deliverance as they preached the gospel of the kingdom.

Thank you so much for this teaching as it has helped set me free to minister as I had understood from reading the gospels and Acts.