Orissa, the poorest state in India, is dominated by Hindus

Other reports from Pastor Subodh

A mighty miracle in Jhalarsingh
March 24, 2010

One of the mighty miracles took places in Jhalarsingh, the village of Rosy my wife. I have waited many days to write this so that the miracle can be confirmed.

A brother named Alin (38 years old) was suffering from fides disease and also from demonic attack for the past fifteen years. It was so painful and terrible. When it attacked he would fall and bite himself. This is a different kind of fides disease. He was about to die so many times when it attacked him.

The family took him to all kinds of doctors, to Ayurvedic treatment, and to to many pastors for prayer around Orissa. After all that he was not well. They spent lakhs (hundreds of thousands of rupees) of money. The entire family was very upset for him. They had lost faith and they thought that he would die in this way. He could not be healed anymore.

On March 12th I went to Rosy’s house. On that day he had two attacks. I think it was God’s plan. His elderly father came to me and asked me to go there and pray over him. I went there and ministered to him. I felt there the power of God. From there I even called our Bhawanipatna group to pray.

He was touched by the power of God and felt different from other times. The next day I went there again to minister to him. Again the same thing took place. He felt the healing touch of God. But he was not sure he was completely set free. As I mentioned above he had lost faith. I confirmed to him that he was fully healed. But we waited some days for the final confirmation.

Praise God, hallelujah! Now he is doing fine. Today we had a talk with him and he is alright. God is so good to us for doing such wonders. What a God we serve.

Miracle in Titlagarh
March 28, 2010

We had a small program in a town called Titlagarh on March 28. Titlagarh is a small town and it 2 or 3 hours by bus from Bhawaniptna. Titlagarh is the hottest place in India—as if it is under a curse. It is surrounded by the “Stone Mountain.” Many villages are built on rocks in this town. So you can imagine how life is here.

In the summer season life there is pathetic and unbearable. We are planning a meeting there so I went there in advance. One of the evangelists arranged a small meeting in the home of one of the believers. A marvelous miracle took place there.

A girl was carried there by her mother durng prayer. She was about 13 years old and she had been vomiting with dysentery for a whole day. Her mother wanted to admit her to the hospital for her to get some glucose. But she was touched by the Lord and healed in the meeting. She stood up and testified there. Praise the Lord.

We are planning for a bigger program in this town.