David trained with The Elijah Challenge in Houston and Louisiana

March 2015

“For two weeks, I’ve been in the Punjab (India), conducting healing and deliverance programs!  In this trip, we’ve been able to teach probably 60 -70 pastors as well as two bishops and more than 300 believers. The transformational change in churches here since we first came two years ago is bringing in eager invitations from all over India. We’ve already taught in the Punjab, Agra and Calcutta. Within a year, we’ll be in Siliguri, Kerala, back to Calcutta and Nepal. 

Yesterday ranks as the most amazing day yet in my ministry here. Dozens and dozens of people were healed, five or six demoniacs delivered, all by people who had never before exercised that kind of authority. Six healing groups were kept busy continually for nearly three hours, each led by one veteran member. Fourteen year old Gracie from Calcutta was leading a group of four men. Her 17-year-old sister was casting out demons. David and Vijaya were directing five-year-olds to lay hands on children and seeing them healed. Beth and Deborah right in the middle of it all. Beth was casting out demons, and Deborah was healing the sick. They will come home in some ways very different women than when they first came here. 

In the end, a time of rest and then a foot washing ceremony. I held it together pretty well until my turn to have my feet washed. Bishop Bharti, my pastor here and a man to whom we have ministered as he lost his wife last year, suddenly pushed and shoved his way through the crowd to kneel and wash my feet. Whoa!  Beth and Deb washed all of the feet of the Indian women. Very emotional, very joyful!

At the end of the day, a pastor I had never met — there may have been 50 of them in a crowd of 300 to 350 — came to ask me to pray over his knee. After I ministered, I looked up and he was weeping. As I stood, he fell on my shoulder and cried and cried. His knee was completely healed but, somehow, so was his heart. 

The power of God is exploding here. I’ve prayed for years and years to be in a meeting that rivaled those of the Great Awakening or the Welsh Revival. This is as close as I’ve ever experienced.”


Above: 14-year-old Gracie ministering healing. After two training sessions since November, her fathers church is seeing as many as 200 nonbelievers come for healing and deliverance every Friday night. Many are receiving Christ, and the church is growing by leaps and bounds. 


Above: Five-year-olds laying hands on younger children. Several were apparently healed, one from a very high fever.