May 31, 2018 Report from Third Batch of Disciples: Miracles open villages for the gospel

“Praise the Lord! I was very delighted to visit a few of our ministry fields. I thank God for His faithfulness.

In a Hindu village, there is a small family living with their newly married son and daughter-in–law. Right in front of their house there is a Hindu temple. Hundreds of people come for worship at the temple.

At around midnight one evening, the son and daughter-in-law saw something (likely demonic) in the temple. At that very moment they both experienced fever and vomiting—even though they were not sick but rather in good health. They were so frightened.

They had no idea what to do, so they called their neighbor. He directed them to call our Elijah Challenge disciples. The couple called them on the phone.

And so in the middle of the night, one of our workers went to their home and ministered to the newly-married couple. After that they were able to fall asleep—absent the terror which had seized them earlier that night. The next morning the disciples returned to the family, shared the gospel with them, and prayed for them. The family accepted Christ. I myself went there and heard this testimony from these fresh new believers.

In a village an elderly man had been sick for six months and was bedridden. He had many diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, difficulty breathing, being physically weak in addition to being elderly. Our worker reached out to that family, asking them to sit down and listen to what he had to share in view of the man’s suffering. The family showed him one small bag where they kept his medicine.

After hearing about the elderly man’s suffering, our trained disciple shared about Jesus Christ. He then laid his hand upon the elderly man and ministered to him in the name of Jesus Christ. After being asked the man replied that he was feeling some relief. Again our disciple ministered to him. The man then reported that some heaviness had lifted from him.

Eight times he ministered to him in the same way. After that he was able walk around here and there, thanking the disciple of Jesus Christ. The next day the man asked the disciple to come for prayer. Now every Sunday evening the disciple goes there to have fellowship with him. Praise the Lord for this new door for our ministry into that village.

A college student, a 19-year-old young man, had been suffering from seizures. Recently he had fallen at home and injured himself. He had heard about our Lord Jesus Christ once, but he had never met any of the Lord’s disciples and so had never been prayed over. But when he came across our Elijah Challenge servant of God, he shared with him regarding his sickness. The disciple then ministered to him.

For the last month he has not had any seizures. Praise the Lord.

Thank you so much for your intercessory prayers and support.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator
May 31, 2018