Master Electrician Kurt & his wife Mary Simms own Simms Electric Services in Crosby, Texas. They trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2008 and 2011. Now the Lord uses them very powerfully to preach the gospel and heal the sick in Crusades as well as training other servants of God to do the same.


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November 15, 2013
Nairobi, Kenya

“We arrived safely in Nairobi, Kenya on Monday evening. Earlier at the airport in Zurich, Switzerland where we transited we met a young 16-year-old boy named Henry who was from Nairobi heading back home. After breaking the ice with him, I asked him if he was born again, but he didn’t know what that meant since he was Catholic. I shared the whole counsel of God with him along with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was very receptive and concerned wanting to know how he could be saved That very moment Henry came to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior! He happened to be on the same plane as us, and since the seat next to him was empty I shared with him much more of God’s word. He was very excited and told me that he felt different inside. I told him that was the Holy Spirit. 

On Monday night we met our host Pastor Solomon and his wife Rachael Kyengo. We traveled to Thika and checked in our hotel but it was not much to be desired. The bath tub leaked and flooded the bathroom floor, so we moved to a second room where the toilet was broken. Enough said about the negatives—so here it goes. The same night we checked in our room Pastor Solomon asked us to pray over his wife. She had been treated for pneumonia for a few weeks and was still having problems in her chest. The next morning we received a text that she had totally recovered!  

Tuesday morning we checked out of that hotel and found a more decent establishment where tried to rest, but it was hard to adjust from the jet lag. 

On Wednesday morning we set off on our first-ever on a safari to national reserve park  Masai Mara in Narok with our driver and guide Chegai. The place we stayed at was called Ashnil Mara Camp, it was quite amazing and very luxurious. Our tent suite overlooked a nearby river with hippos and crocodiles separated only by a high voltage fence. I know this doesn’t sound like a mission trip but it will be our 28th wedding anniversary the 16th of this month. Besides, I thought how could we possibly go to Africa and not stop to investigate God’s glorious creation. Our tour company was called Glorious Safaris and the owner’s name is Shadrack! It was so awesome and we got great pictures and video of almost everything except rhinos.

We stayed one night and two days and left the next morning,  When we exited the park there were some women from the Masai Mara tribe and my wife Mary wanted pictures of them. Our guide talked with them and made a deal with them for us. They were trying to sell their art but instead we gave them money in exchange for a 5-picture photo shoot. After that I wanted so badly to share the Lord Jesus with them but I only had a short moment because it was time to go for our long journey back to Thika. 

There were some other young African girls nearby and I asked them if they were born again. They were, so I talked with them and asked them to do some interpreting for us. I talked with the Masai women and asked them if they had any pain or infirmities. One of them said she had back problems and pain, so I ministered to her and she was healed immediately. After that several of the others wanted me to pray over them as well—from stomach pain to shoulders and so forth. They were all healed instantly. I followed up by telling them that Jesus Christ—the one and only true God—had healed them. I instructed them to stop worshiping their false gods and to turn to Jesus Christ for he wants all their affection and devotion. They were very happy and I believe this impacted them; they will never forget it.

Friday the 15th we traveled to Mulenyu Village and Wote Town, approximately a 4-hour trip from Thika through rolling hills and mountains. We visited the villages to get a feel for the area where we would be ministering. In the evening we met with Pastor Daniel of Mulenyu Christian Church, with Pastor Solomon, and with a Pastor of another church involved with the event. We started The Elijah Challenge (TEC) training by preaching in a service the following morning at Mulenyu Christian Church followed by an introduction to TEC for other church leaders in the area. 

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Kenya: the gospel is preached, the sick are miraculously healed, and disciples are trained to do likewise


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