The Elijah Challenge Training Event was held at St. Margaret’s Church in the town of Marguerita (Tinsukia District) in Assam State in Northeast India. Our host was the respected servant of God Akon Bajronayak who served with both Operation Mobilization and Word Vision. According to official statistics, Assam is 4% Christian with the majority being Hindus and after them the Muslims. Servants of God and disciples from various districts and also the neighboring state of Arunachal were invited by Rev. Bajronayak to attend. The Lord graciously enabled us to train His servants how to heal the sick and cast out demons in accordance with John 14:11-12 as evidence to the world that our Father is the only true God and that Jesus Christ is the only way to Him.




In this way many were healed of their infirmities in the name of Jesus, and came forward to testify of what the Lord had done for them. Among the testimonies: a little girl could not straighten her legs having suffered from polio, but the Lord straightened out her legs as a disciple laid hands on her in His name. Her mother brought her up to the podium to testify. Her legs appeared completely normal in the photos below.




A deaf woman’s hearing was restored, and she is testifying in the photo below.













The miraculous healings were the clear evidence of the truth of the gospel. Later that evening our host Pastor Akon Bajronayak showed us a list of 21 names of Hindus and Muslims who were among those who had made the decision to believe on Jesus Christ after hearing the gospel and witnessing the evidence of the many miraculous healings.




Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace!