Testimonies of People Who Had Heart Disease

March 15, 2014

From Dr. Tissa Weerasingha of Calvary Church of Sri Lanka to us:

“Please uphold me in prayer as on monday 17th, I will be going in for an angiogram. Since I had sextuple bypass surgery 17 years ago, the cardiologist was not eager to do it, but feels it is necessary on account of the symptoms and stress ECG results.”

We asked our Elijah Challenge co-worker Dennis Green in Houston to minister to him at a distance according to Luke 7.

From Dennis Green to Dr. Tissa:

“I would be happy to minister healing to your heart. Let me know a convenient time to connect. I am in the central time zone of the U.S. near Houston, TX (10 1/2 hours earlier than Sri Lanka).”

From Dr. Tissa:

“Dear Dennis, thank you for your email. I do appreciate your response and look forward to connecting with you on this. I suggest 7.30 am on Sunday 16th, Houston time. That would be 9 pm Sri Lanka time on Sunday for me. Please confirm whether this time is suitable for you.”

Without calling or contacting him directly, Dennis then ministered healing at a distance to Dr. Tissa just as Jesus ministered to the servant of the centurion in Luke 7.

March 17th, 2014 is a day I will never forget


March 17th, 2014 is a day I will never forget. While in the hospital CathLab for 3 stents to be inserted, this is what happened to me. The cardiologist inserted the first stent without a problem. While the second stent was being inserted, all the 5 worst things that could happen in a procedure such as this according to the textbook, happened! They were – an adverse reaction to the dye, low pressure, uneven heart rhythm, cardiac arrest and perforation of the blood vessel. The cardiologists watched helplessly as blood was flowing out of the venous graft that had been done 17 years ago.

Then suddenly, only miraculously, the finger of God closed that hole! Blood began to flow freely again! The cardiologist himself said that there is no other explanation for that, except a miracle of God. Then, they inserted the stent and everything was normal again!! I am so grateful for another lease of life. Thank you Lord Jesus!

Dr. Tissa Weerasingha

(This testimony is at http://calvarychurchsrilanka.com/?p=4656)