“We had a very fruitful Feeding Event in a remote village in spite of very heavy rain.

 We were expecting around five hundred people from the village and the surrounding area, but due to heavy rain only about three hundred fifty people showed up.  When we were about to start the meeting the rain had not yet let up. So we waited for an hour but still there was continuing the rain.  We announced that we were going to cancel the event, and to re-schedule it for another day. But the villagers insisted that we start anyway.
Most of the people stood under umbrellas as I preached the gospel for around an hour, and then ministered healing to those with infirmities who had come.  Thank the Lord that they had waited and were able to listen to the Word of God.
There was a young woman who was deaf in one ear from childhood. The Lord graciously restored her hearing in that ear.  A young man had suffered a break in his knee, and with the pain he was not able to walk properly. But God healed him right there. A woman came to the Event with gastric pain, and she was healed in the name of Jesus. Many more people were also miraculously healed as evidence of the gospel.
Over three hundred people accepted the Christ as Lord and Savior.”
The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India
October 2017