Received from Elijah Challenge-trained Coordinator in Cameroon Ngum Peter in November 2019. Brother Ngum was discipled by former Elijah Challenge Trainer Alan Robinson who is now gloriously present with the Lord.

“Last Sunday the believers on the island brought a lot of fish for Thanksgiving. During the last day of our Elijah Challenge Conference I had prayed for the sea, and a lot of fish came to the island and everyone had a lot of fish.”

“I had made prophetic declarations with drinkable fresh water in my hand. I had told a brother to bring saltwater from the sea. As I prayed and issued the declarations I was led by the Spirit to pour the drinkable freshwater into the vessel containing the saltwater from the sea.  I declared that it will be well with the sea, and it will be blessed with fish in Jesus’ name. Then I told the brother to go and pour the freshwater mixed with seawater into the sea.

I quoted 2 King 2:19-22 for the people (who are called ‘wetlanders’) where Scripture records that Elisha put salt in a bowl, threw the salt into the spring and said the Lord said: ‘I make this pure.’ In the same way, I poured the drinkable freshwater into the container with seawater in order for the sea to be blessed with fish. After the prayer and prophetic declaration, I returned to my station.

All the people living on the island are Nigerians while I am a Cameroonian. Whenever I go there I go as a missionary to the island. One week later when I was going for a Church program, everyone I met on the way there was telling me about the miracle of the fish. According to the islanders, a few days after I had prayed and made the declarations all of them had a lot of fish for days! The time of hunger they were going through ended. Many also sold a lot of fish and paid off all their debts, and had some leftover for their families. They told me that it was like the manna that God had sent in the days of Moses.

Usually the islanders must go kilometers out to the sea where the water is deep, spending days and nights just to catch a few fish. But after the prayer and prophetic declarations the fish swarmed to the shallow water by the shore where the people lived. They didn’t have to buy petrol for their boats to go fishing way out at sea as usual.”

The details

“One week later, I heard their testimonies…

  1. Saltwater had been changed to freshwater.
  2. The freshwater fish known as “Cameroon fish” moved from several kilometres away and swam only to the water around the two islands where our Event was being held.
  3. This type of fish can only reach the island waters during the rainy season, but this happened during the dry season.
  4. Even during the rainy season only a small number of the fish are normally found in the water surrounding their island, but this time a large number came and were caught.
  5. For these Nigerians now in Cameroon, it is generally difficult to catch more than two or three fish in a single net. The fish always destroy the net and escape. But this time there were people catching forty or more fish with no problem since the Lord had blessed their hands. Praise God.
  6. Some Cameroonians testified how they had caught almost a full boat of fish. But fearing that the authorities might suspect them of having used illegal chemicals to catch the fish and then arrest them, they first separated and hid some of the fish in a nearby jungle. Then they went and sold the rest. After that they went back to the jungle to collect the fish they had stashed away there. (I was told that even using the illegal chemicals it is difficult for anyone to catch the Cameroon fish.)
  7. The fish were found only around the two islands where the people came to our event. In that area there are over thirty islands altogether.
  8. The fish came at a time of hunger and famine on the islands. I heard that many people had come from different islands and had had enough to eat and even paid off debts.
  9. It was my first time to witness such a miracle. For over fifteen years I had been going as a pastor and missionary to that island.
  10. Afterwards the villagers bringing Thanksgiving offerings to the altar at our service. A week earlier after I had prayed and made the declarations, I returned to my station. A week later on my way back to the island church, the first person I met told me, ‘I have kept you fish.’ Wow! That was the first time such a thing happened to me. Many other villagers had also kept fish for me. It was true. All praise to God of miracles. Jesus is Lord!”

Below are the ‘smoke fish’ the islanders brought to the altar as a sign of Thanksgiving.”


Bringing fish to the altar as a sign of Thanksgiving

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Cameroon, Brother Ngum Peter

Note: Malachi 4:5 is now being fulfilled. “See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes.” The spirit and power of Elijah are being restored during these Last Days before the great and dreadful day of the Lord.

2 Kings 2:9 When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, “Tell me, what can I do for you before I am taken from you?” “Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit,” Elisha replied.

Please pray for the nation of Cameroon

Brother Ngum: “Dear Servants of God, this is a prayer request from a heavy heart. Please join me in praying for the solution and peace with regard to the escalating crises rocking the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon. It is not only a crises, but full-scale civil war between the majority French-speaking districts and the minority English-speaking districts of Bamenda and Buea which want independence. Since 2016, schools and companies are closed. Many lives and properties are destroyed and so on. Please pray…with God all things are possible.”