January 2014

Shared by a participant in a December 2013 Elijah Challenge Training

“I have been spending a lot of time speaking with different individuals regarding the training Angela and I received from y’all [at The Elijah Challenge Training].  This past weekend we were driving back from Austin with a brother and sister in Christ we had just met on Saturday the 11th.  We traveled to Austin to commission some fellow teammates overseas.  The Lord had brought them together as well as my wife and me for a cross cultural discipleship training in the Woodlands.  This couple are planning to go overseas to serve the Lord in the next two years.  On our way back home from Austin, I was speaking with the brother and I had found out that He had hemorrhaged 8 discs in his back in a car accident.  It happened 3 years ago and he was battling muscle atrophy. 

The brother could not pick up anything heavier than 20 pounds and couldn’t run.  As we all approached The Woodlands, the Lord said to me, pray over him.  The Lord also spoke to my wife saying, “He would run today.”  As we pulled up to his apartment we took all of their items up two flights of stairs and then transitioned to a teaching.

The couple and their friend (who watched their house) listened to the brief teaching on the Authority and Power in Jesus.  After sharing a condensed version of the Elijah Challenge Training I told them what the Lord had told me in the car.  My wife and I looked at him and said, “BROTHER GOD IS GOING TO HEAL YOUR BACK TODAY!”  With our faith locked and loaded we began to minister healing in the name of Jesus Christ. 

As we laid our hands on him, I could feel the muscles in his back begin to move.  We each took turns rebuking the infirmity and spiritual ailment.  By the time we made it to his wife and as she rebuked the infirmity in his back, he began to convulse.  With tears streaming down his face, we prayed over his mind for the protection of his mind and for him to receive his new identity in Christ as a Child of God. My wife not missing a beat told Shawn, “YOU’RE GOING TO RUN WITH ME RIGHT NOW.”  He then ran for the first time in a year and a half.  He ran up and down the hall as I was shouting and praising our God and our Lord Jesus Christ at the top of my lungs.  We all were crying and showering the Lord with praise and had a big group hug!”