“Ashley, myself and Jodi, went to my old church and shared our testimonies from India. After that I taught the Elijah Challenge and then had a demonstration of healing. There were only about 20 people in the church so we had them come up and help. All of them men laid hands a man who had pain and couldn’t fully function his right arm after a stroke. We commanded it to leave and after the third time it left and he had full function. His knees were healed as well.

I had the men pray for the next gentleman who was a pastor for 26 years who had fallen, and could not lift his arm over his head. The men laid hands on him and commanded it to leave and he was healed. He could raise his arm again. I also noticed that he had hearing aids in so I put my fingers in his ears and commanded his ears to be open. He took out his hearing aids and could hear much better!

The kids is Sunday school class could hear the teaching and a young boy had pain in his knee. The kids prayed for him and the pain left.”