Don & Anna Parbery in Australia

May 2014

“Anna’s sister had spotting and bleeding daily for 2 months. This of course was a concern for her. She is a new believer. We asked God to save her, and He did  We also asked God for a born-again husband for her, and she just got married to a believer. Joanne hadn’t yet told anyone about the bleeding. She was so worried and concerned. But then she confided in Anna by text message. Anna took authority over the problem, and sent back a command by text ordering the bleeding to stop and for her sister to be healed in Jesus’ name.  As soon as Joanne opened the text she was healed. She called Anna a few days later to confirm the healing.

A pastor friend of mine had an enlarged prostate. He was taking drugs to ease the pain and to be able to urinate. At a small group men’s camp we attended a few weeks ago, he told the men about it. Everyone prayed for him, but after the prayer I commanded it to leave him. In the morning he had a big smile on his face. He had no pain and a strong urinary flow for the first time in ages. I think this shows that praying and commanding should be kept separate so as to allow for full victory. So everyone had a part in this healing. We were all encouraged.”