January 2014

We’d like to share with you the news that we’ve just added another child into the Orissa orphanage, a little 5-year-old girl named Sumitra Rout. Below is the story (edited for grammar) of Sumitra and her family as relayed to us by Subodh…

January 19: “At our evangelistic healing service [in Orissa on January 4th with the USA & Malaysia team present] there was a Hindu woman who was healed from noise in both her ears. And her second daughter was healed from fever. She testified on the stage that Jesus had healed her, and she accepted the Lord. At the meeting Rosy gave our cell phone number to her.

After a few days she contacted us to visit her, and we visited her home. We could not believe what we saw and heard from her.

She is staying with her four children in the open at a place surrounded by bedsheets. Her husband was a taxi driver and was addicted to drugs. He sold the house and other belongings, and ran away from his family. She was left alone with four children. Now she lives outside with the children. Every morning she goes to a few houses to perform housework. In this way she sustains herself and her children.

After seeing and hearing from her, we felt so sad. Immediately we went to the market and brought 2 mats and 2 blankets for her. Rosy spent some time with her and counseled her.

Please pray for her so that she may remain in the Lord, and if possible we can take one of her children for better future.”

After receiving this news, we asked Subodh to take one of the children into the orphanage.

January 23: “Today I went and met with the new sister in Christ. I comforted her as she is going through a very pathetic situation. Meanwhile her little girl started to cry and said to her mother, “I want to go with uncle [Subodh].”  So I brought her and now she is with us [in the orphanage]. Her name is Sumitra Rout, 5 years old. Please pray for her and her mother.”

With the addition of little Sumitra, our orphanage now has 16 children! Below are two photos.



Rosy (left) bringing mats & blankets for the new believer & her children



Five-year-old Sumitra has been added to our orphanage