“Allow me share an amazing report with you.. 
On Sunday morning around 9 am, our little orphan girl Puspalata went to take a bath in the bathroom. There she was attacked by a demonic power. Before that she was fine, but after the sudden attack she started to cry and was blinded, unable to see anything. All our other children were frightened. Our cook and another orphan girl Sebika brought her to our home. She was not able to walk or to see. She was just crying, not talking at all, not even able to sit.
We were very worried and wondered what we should do. Should we take Puspalata to the hospital immediately? Is it a physical problem or is it demonic? We were confused. Eventually we understood that it was a demonic attack.
And so I ministered to her with authority in the name of Jesus Christ to drive out the demon, and within five minutes she was set free. She was fine and back to normal. After that we had our Sunday Service. 
Puspalata is from a Hindu family.”
-Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa, India