Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena

Little girl attacked by demon as she passed by Hindu temple
Orissa, India

“Last Saturday evening a small girl named Miki was returning to home from a class. On the way she had to pass by a Hindu temple. Miki was frightened seeing the photos posted on the temple.

At midnight she experienced very severe pain in her eye and stomach and at the same time she was vomiting. She struggled with the pain until the following noon. She was not able to close her eyes. Miki’s mother understood this to be the work of a demon. So she called me around 12:15 pm and shared with me what had happened. Immediately I ministered to Miki over the phone in the name of Jesus. The pain left, and she was able to sleep well. The next morning she brought Miki to our home.

Her mother had accepted Christ a few years back after experiencing a miraculous healing in her life, but her husband has still not accepted Jesus. Please uphold them.

Praise the Lord for this great miracle.”

-November 2014